God Damnit Cheryl!

God damnit Cheryl! You've always been obnoxious. I know our parents have been friends forever, but frankly I was glad when your family moved away. No more of my shit randomly going missing. No more taking the blame for your antics. As the older one I was supposed to set a good example and put up with your nonsense. You were a brat then and you're still a brat now. And good grief you've always known just how to push my buttons!

Imagine my joy when I found out you're all back in town for the holidays just as I'm home from University. You've gone alt with your pink hair which I'll admit is kind of hot. I certainly can't ignore the tits and ass you've miraculously developed in the intervening years. Of course, the same old snark was there too so I was able to look past my hormones and go right back to disliking you.

I get back while our parents are out shopping and this is how I find you? I know my Mom said to make yourself at home, but I don't think she meant sleeping half-naked in my bed!

So I decided I was going to teach you a lesson about respecting other people's privacy. I figured you'd wake up as soon as I put my cold hands on your butt but you didn't budge.  You stayed motionless as I went from grabbing it, to rubbing it, to fingering your wet pussy.

I was starting to get concerned you might actually be completely passed out, but then you started moaning and writhing on my fingers. That told me I was giving you exactly what you wanted. You only 'woke up' after cumming all over my fingers. By then, we didn't need the pretense anymore so I said nothing when you pulled down my pants and started jerking me. We stayed in bed all day.

Maybe you're not so bad after all. I guess it would be alright if you visited more often...

I Came Home Early And Found Mom…

Mom was ‘apparently unaware’ that it was Senior Skip day though I had mentioned it several times before. I was already acing my classes and wouldn’t miss any finals that day, so she didn’t seem terribly perturbed by the prospect.

Nevertheless, I was quite surprised to find her car in the driveway when I got to the house. She was rarely home from work before five. I thought about heading over to a friend’s instead, but was curious as to why she would be home.

I quietly let myself in the front door. Upstairs, I could hear the bath running; another oddity for this time of day.  I slowly climbed the stairs and entered the master suite. Mom’s work clothes were laid out on the bed: skirt, blouse, belt, stockings, pumps, and bra. I looked over and found the door to her bath ajar, light shining through.

Clearly I had walked in on her preparing to bathe, which was a very strange thing for Mom to come home in the middle of the day and do. Nevertheless, my curiosity should have been satisfied. I could have simply retreated and asked her about it afterwards. Instead, I felt myself drawn to the open doorway.

I’d realized since puberty that mom was a knockout. The relentless teasing and ogling by my friends served as constant reminders, but I wasn’t ever any more likely than them to see anything beyond the prim and proper professional attire that was her hallmark. Mom was always very particular about her privacy and never slipped up. I should know. I’d spent years seeking an opportunity to catch her like this. Now that a chance was finally before me, I couldn’t resist.

As I approached the door, a shadow passed over it as Mom moved around the bathroom. I froze as she came into view. She was wearing her brown satin robe. I watched as she bent over, checked the water temperature, and then shut off the tub faucet. I shuffled a little to the side so I wouldn’t be directly in view if she turned around and looked through the doorway.

In the newfound quiet, I saw her disrobe and then do a couple turns in the mirror while sweeping her long blonde hair out of the way in order to examine herself. I could make out the lighter flesh tones of her bra and thong lines. Mom tanned? Who knew? Her pink nipples stood out like pencil erasers on her pert b-cup breasts. The wire marks from her pushup bra were still evident underneath. Her tummy was firm and unmarked except for a faint c-section scar. As she turned to evaluate her small but curvy posterior, I could see that she was completely hairless in front – not even a small patch up top.


Apparently satisfied with her naked visage, Mom turned and sat on the ledge of the bath presumably so she could slide down into it. However the show had only begun. Instead, she sat on the bath ledge and began to pleasure herself. I couldn’t believe it. She put one leg up on the ledge and braced herself with the other on the floor. From my vantage point, I had a perfect view as she slipped her hand down her tummy and began rubbing between the slick lips of her labia.

She seemed to be in no hurry. She very calmly and methodically worked her way towards climax, pinching her nipples, rubbing her legs, sliding her hands seductively up and down her torso. She slowly progressed from teasing her pussy, to rubbing her clit, to inserting multiple fingers. I quietly watched the whole show until she moaned and shuddered with orgasm. I was incredibly turned on and felt a strong urge to touch myself right there. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Mom let out a long, contented sigh. I then snuck away as she slipped into the tub. I retreated to my room and laid on my bed. The images of her masturbating were already replaying in my head and would again for years to come.

It was so perfect, so uninhibited, so raw. It would be the greatest prize in my memory repertoire, but had I stolen it or had she given it willingly? Did she know I was watching?I was still lost in my thoughts when I heard a knock on my doorway. There stood Mom in a heavy terrycloth bathrobe with a towel covering her wet hair as if it was perfectly normal to have taken a bath in the middle of a work day.

“Hey there kiddo. I see you decided to skip after all.”

I tried to reply as nonchalantly as possible, “Yeah… it wasn’t even much of a surprise. The teachers and staff had already re-arranged the schedules and everything.”

“Hmmm… Well after all your hard work this year I suppose you deserve one day of being naughty,” she smiled at me.

“Um, yeah… I guess?” I replied, not quite sure what she meant.

“Well, I hope it was worth it,” she said with some finality. “I’m hungry. Are you hungry? I could make us some sandwiches.”

“Sure Mom, that’d be great.”

“Alright, come down in a few minutes, ok?”


“That’s my girl!”

From that point forward, our lives resumed as if nothing had happened. I finished high school with top honors and soon moved out of state to attend college. I still don’t know what to make of that experience, but I think about it all the time…