You’re A Fine Girl – Part 2

You're A Fine Girl

Story by: B.C. Kingston
Artwork by: B.C. Kingston

Part 2

“Your boyfriend? Wow, you move fast,” I replied almost hoping she really did move that fast.

“No no no silly… You know...” she made air-quotes with her hands in front of my face before wrapping them back around my neck, “a ‘boyfriend’. So I don’t have to put up with creeps like that guy back there.”

Oh… a pretend boyfriend. Got it.

“Oh I see what you mean,” I replied pausing, only not to seem too eager, “Sure, I can do that.”

I’m all smiles now. Of COURSE I can do that. When the song ended, I lead her back to my table and we sat down with Gary and Linda. I politely flagged down the waitress and ordered the next round of beers and cranberry-vodka.

We talked. I learned that her name was Brandy and recited ‘Brandy Brandy Brandy!’ a thousand times silently in my head to lock it in. I also learned that she was a receptionist at a local business that sells parts for industrial manufacturing or something like that. She revealed that her friend had to leave because she worked early the next day. Brandy was going to leave too, but it’d been so long since she’s been out that she decided to stay. She leaned over and told me she almost regretted the decision because of the pink-narcissus. It turned out that her polite attitude towards him was just that: being polite to some random creepy guy.

I started rattling off some of my euphemisms for guys like him and she snorts again in laughter. “Ha ha!” she giggles, putting her hand on my leg, “Pepto-Biff-Tannen! That’s hilarious! He kept going on and on about all the offroading he does, blah blah blah.”

I also learned that Brandy was no slouch in the drinking department. It took her nearly an hour to finish her first cranberry and vodka. It only took her another hour to finish the next three. With each drink she became more open and vibrant. She laughed more often. She touched me more often. I didn’t know if she was simply maintaining the ruse of us as a couple for onlookers, or if that’s simply how she was. Mr-Overcompensates was still prowling around the bar. He’d moved to hitting on other women, but he was still keeping an eye on us.

And then Sexyback came on over the speakers and she DRAGGED me out onto the dance floor. Immediately, Brandy turned around, backed up her tush and started repeatedly slapping it against my pelvis while lifting her hair with both hands and letting it fall onto her shoulders. She was having a great time. More importantly, she was having a great time with ME!

At this point, I just tried to stand there and look cool, maybe swaying a bit to the beat. There was an audience of other men watching her, lust in their eyes. Other couples were on the dance floor, but the spotlight might as well have been on Brandy.

She turned around, placed her hands on my sides and went into a full squat. Perching on those heels with her legs fully folded, she parked her face right in front of my crotch. Now I had sprung wood the moment her rear had slammed into me the first time. It couldn’t be helped. I’m sure she knew. How could she not? And now she was taking a good look at her handy work. On her way back up, she nudged my belly with her head, waving her hair all around. I looked down to see a lustful, pouty, open-mouthed look dancing on her face.

It was a very sexy routine. I couldn’t tell if she’d practiced it before. Her technique wasn’t flawless, but her enthusiasm was excellent. I put my arms around her and pulled her in close for some more intimate dancing. I ran my hand up her neck through her hair and then wrapped it around her head, massaging the lobe of her ear with my thumb. I wrapped my other arm around her and held her close. Our hips worked frantically, trying to grind the beat into each other. My manhood was at full attention and lasciviously pressing itself into her belly. She had to know it was there and seemed to relish focusing her rhythmic bodily contact at that point.

We ground our way lustily through the next song as well. Sometimes we changed position, but we were always rubbing hips. It was like we were having sex… with our clothes on… with an audience. Thanks to Brandy’s provocative gyrations, I had a few moments where I wondered if I could ‘contain’ the excitement boiling in my pants. The dancing was hard work too. Pretty soon we had both built up a steady moisture and were wiping sheen from our brows. She looked much sexier doing so than I did.

When the song ended, we got off the dance floor and she planted a long wet kiss on my cheek. Then she laughed and said, “That was fun.”

The musk of her glow had combined well with the scent of her perfume. She smelled intoxicating. It was like she’d been switched on. I imagined that she would smell equally great after making love. Hell, we’d just practically made love in all but the penetration and climax.

As I lead her back to our table, I couldn’t help it. I had to blurt it out, “I like you. You’re fun.”

My sentiment came out completely childish, but she just smiled back and said, “I like you too!”

And so the night went on. She laughed at my corny jokes and when a good song came on, she dragged me back out onto the dance floor for another workout. When the DJ called last-call for alcohol, she was clearly disappointed, "Oh... So soon? But I’m not ready to go home yet!"

As luck would have it, I knew of an after-party that a couple of the bar-regulars held routinely. I was a little leery of suggesting it to her as I knew we would be greatly outnumbered by other guys, but it didn't matter. As soon as I mentioned it she jumped at the idea, "Let's go! Can you drive?"

So we decided to go. I could tell upon arrival that Brandy was not impressed. The house had a very run-down frat feeling to it. She stayed close to my side as we walked into the shabby living room and I exchanged greetings with a few guys I knew. Then we grabbed a couple cans of Icehouse beer (yum-yum! – NOT) and parked it on one of the beat-up couches. She sat on my lap and wrapped an arm around my neck. Based on her trepidation, I wasn't sure if she was really that into me, or just leery of EVERYONE else at the house. There was dance music playing and a few of the girls who showed up were dancing/stumbling around in the living room. Brandy seemed content to stay seated on my lap, rocking a bit to the beat. Of course, her proximity and steady rocking motion guaranteed my perpetual hard-on would last, frustrated to the early morning hours. There was no way she couldn’t have noticed, but she never said anything. Instead, she just continued smiling and nuzzling her butt into my lap.

The upbeat energy of dancing and drinking at the club had not carried over successfully to the afterparty and before long, I could see the late hour and the alcohol taking its toll on Brandy. She’d curled her legs up and was resting her head on my shoulders. As much as I enjoyed the cuddle and stroking her long dark hair, my concern for her wellbeing eventually took over.

"Had enough fun for tonight?" I inquire, brushing a strand of hair away from her pretty face.

It wasn't meant to be a loaded question, but I was almost hoping she would say ‘Not yet! I’m saving the best for last!’ or something to that effect. Instead, she just nods her head and mumbles out an “Mmm hmm.”

"Ok," I whispered close into her ear. "Is it okay if we leave your car at the bar for tonight?"

"No car. Took a cab."

"Oh, okay. Well I can drive you home if you want. Where do you live?"

"Aw... can’t we go to your house?" she purred, running her finger down my chest.

Suddenly, I had gone from 'boyfriend' to BOYFRIEND. I feel a little guilty because I know she'd had too much to drink, but how can I refuse an offer like that?

She seemed to come alive suddenly and stood up off the couch reaching her hand out to me. Then she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, "Come on loverboy! Take me home!" which drew immediate ogling "Oooooohhh's" from everyone in the vicinity. A couple of my friends gave me the whistle-wink-thumbs-up routine, knowing that for me to leave the party with a pretty woman on my arm was a rare thing indeed.

So I grabbed her jacket off the couch and hurried her out of the house to a cacophony of catcalls. She giggled the whole way. Once we were in the car, she turned to me, leaned over, and planted a wet kiss on my cheek.

"I had soooo much fun tonight! Thanks!"

"You're welcome," I replied warmly. "I had fun too."

Then her mood quickly turned sad. "I have a confession to make though," she frowned.

Uh oh, here it came. "What's that?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes towards the ceiling and sighed loudly, "I have a boyfriend."

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You’re A Fine Girl – Part 3

You're A Fine Girl

Story by: B.C. Kingston
Artwork by: B.C. Kingston

Part 3

All I could think was, 'What the fuck?'

"You mean other than your current 'boyfriend'?" I ask, referring to myself.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. ...I do. He doesn't like to go out," she sighs again, "I had a great time though."

Me too. I was certainly disappointed, but compared to any other Friday night in my life, this was still a top-tier evening. So I sucked it up and tried to make the best of it.

"Oh... so do you want me to just drive you home then?"

"Um well, he thinks I'm at my girlfriends tonight... Would you mind if I stayed with you?"

"Um..." I stuttered, not sure what to think.

"I'm sorry if I'm putting you out."

"No, it's okay. I don't mind," I replied, trying to hide my confusion. Why had she told me she had a boyfriend and then asked to stay over? Was this her way of politely backing out of any further intimacy?

"Okay, okay... but NOTHING’s going to happen," she said while wagging her finger in a no-no pattern, "You understand that right?"

Sure I understood. I had a universal signal I briefly pondered giving her replete with a nice boot out the car door. ‘Think about that while you’re walking home!’ But I couldn’t do that. I was a nice guy, and up until this point, I’d had a really fun evening. So I just mentally prepared for the inevitable frustrating end to our evening and replied as politely as I could.

"Yeah, sure. I even have a spare bedroom."

"You do? Perfect! Thank you so much! You’re so nice to me..."

Nice? Uh oh. Friend Zone.

The drive home was quiet. She cuddled up and turned away from me in her seat and appeared to be asleep. When we arrived at my house, I had to open the door and help her out of the car.

With her arm around my shoulder and my arm around her waist, I helped her inside and up the stairs. Despite the recent turn of events, I still got goosebumps from feeling her pressed against me and smelling her hair.

"You have a nice... house," she mumbled.

"Thanks," I said as we crested the stairs.

I got her into the spare bedroom where my mother would stay when she came to town. I hadn’t washed the sheets yet from Mom’s last visit, but at least the bed was made (thanks Mom). I flicked on the light and showed Brandy in.

She looked around and smiled, “This will do nicely.”

With that, she shuffled over to the bed, sat down and began undoing the straps of her high heels. I stood in the doorway, ready to offer assistance if she needed it. She didn’t. A moment later her shoes were off and she stood up. For the first time tonight, she was shorter than me.

Then she looked at me, smiled, and reached down to grab the hem of her dress. In one quick motion she flipped it up over her hips revealing a lacy blue thong beneath. It was happening so quickly, I didn’t even think to turn away. A couple of wiggles later, she had the entire dress up over her head, exposing a cute lacy blue bra lifting up her small, pert breasts. The dress fell to the floor and she immediately set about unfastening her bra. It fell away easily as well.

There Brandy stood before me wearing only a tiny thong. Her demeanor suggested that being nearly naked before me was perfectly normal. She made a big show of stretching as she lifted her arms over her head and yawned, her breasts rising and falling before me. Then winked at me, turned around, wiggled her tush, and began peeling back the covers on my bed.

Then the show was over as quickly as it had begun. She climbed into the bed, pulled up the covers tight, and let out a long sigh.

“Can you turn out the lights?”

"Okay, um... goodnight then."

“Night night!”

Bewildered, I turned off the light, closed the door, and shuffled off to my own bedroom. It was 4 am by this time, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Instead, I just laid in bed thinking to myself over and over, ‘What the hell? There is a beautiful, nearly-naked woman in my own house yet I'm sleeping alone. What the hell? We danced. We hugged. I smelled her perfume. I played with her hair. She flirted with me the WHOLE time, yet here I am still sleeping alone. WHAT THE HELL?’

My thoughts wandered to her innocent little strip tease, the image of her lithe, fabulous body was burned into my brain. I imagined that instead of turning me away, she had continued to tease me. After undressing, she would lay back on the bed and begin rubbing herself through her panties while tweaking a nipple with her free hand.


“I had so much fun tonight,” she would say. “Dancing all night, holding you close. Rubbing up against your hard cock…”

Then I would go to the side of the bed, sit on the edge, and watch her continue to rub herself and talk dirty to me…

“Yes, I know I made you hard… and I liked it. I kept you hard all night, rubbing my ass against you on the dance floor… Sitting on your lap and wiggling against your dick. I could tell it was big too. I liked that.”

I would say nothing, instead continuing to watch her hand rub circles on the front of her panties. Maybe I would put a hand on her leg and gently pet her thigh…

“I’ve been wondering all night how your cock would feel in my pussy. Rubbing and dancing and holding you close… It’s made me so wet. Can you see it?”

She would then lift her hand away from her mound, grabbing the top of her thong and pulling it tight against her sex. It was quite evident that her pussy was engorged, soaking through the front of her panties...


My lewd thoughts of Brandy had finally become more than I could stand. I had my hand down in my boxers, gently stroking myself as I fantasized about what would happen next. I was getting pretty into it when I heard a knock at my bedroom door. Brandy’s almost child-like voice called out my name tentatively.

Embarrassed, I whipped my hand back out of my boxers and rolled over onto my belly. Like modesty mattered at this point.

"Yes?" I replied.

The door opened slightly, and through the shadows I could make out her sticking her head in.

"It's really cold in there."

Then I remembered that I had closed the vents in the ceiling of the spare bedroom to save on heating costs. "Oh, right... I'm sorry. The vents are closed. I can open them for you.” I started to get out of bed but then hesitated when I realized she’d see my tented, wet-spot appointed boxers.

Perhaps she misread my hesitation, but she saved me. "No, that's okay," she said, slipping inside the doorway with her arms folded across her naked chest. "I was actually... I was wondering if I could maybe stay with you?"

A thousand questions ran through my head, but I only needed one answer, "Um, sure."

I saw her figure hurriedly approach in the moonlight as I pulled the covers aside and made room. She climbed in quickly and snuggled up against me. Eager to touch her again, I was surprised by how cold her skin was.

"Brrr..." she shivered.

I wrapped my arms around her and we settled into a spooning position. Once again, her butt was pressed into my crotch. A little chagrined, I wasn’t sure what to do or think next. Do I just try to fall asleep with this gorgeous woman in my arms? Do I make a move? Would I be taking advantage of her? What the hell?

"Hmmm..." she purred, "You're warm."

And with that, she went still. Soon, her breathing becomes the measured in and out of a woman comfortably asleep.

I laid still with her in my arms for as long as I could. Though it was probably only minutes, it felt like I had held myself politely still for hours. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me. I slowly began to run my hand down her thigh, lingering on her butt just long enough to caress it and then back down again.

I did this for about two minutes before she sighed and rolled forward onto her tummy. My hand froze, but her breathing stayed calm and measured. So my hand began wandering again, down her thigh and then up over her cute little butt to caress her back. I continued tentatively exploring Brandy’s body, savoring the feel of her smooth naked skin.

I heard what I would have described as a contented mumble as I slid my hand back down her back. Her butt wiggled slightly and her legs spread apart. Her skin had quickly gone from cold to warm.

Emboldened, I took extra time caressing her butt on the next pass. I even went so far as to grab a handful and squeeze gently.


I was just about to move on to caressing her thigh when her hand snaked out and slapped mine.

‘Uh oh,’ I think to myself, ‘I'm in trouble now.’

But instead of admonishing me further, her hand moved off of mine and down between the fabric of her panties and the fleshy crevasse of her butt. Grabbing a bunch of material, she yanked her thong upwards, pushing the lips of her sex aside as her wet gusset slid between.

She let out a contented sigh as I watched her, frozen with nervous excitement. After a brief tug, her hand let go, went limp again, and then slowly retreated back under her pillow. I was so surprised I didn’t move, unsure of what had just happened. Was that deliberate or was she acting out in her sleep?

I slowly moved the covers aside and looked at her in the moonlight. I could barely make out her lips peeking out of either side of her stretched thong.


I was so entranced by the sight of her sex in the pale light, I simply sat there and stared at it. Moments passed quietly as I gazed upon her, transfixed. As if she had become impatient, her butt started to wiggle again. Snapping back into the moment, I took her gesture as an invitation. I reached my hand back down to caress her butt. My touch was met with a muted sigh of contentment.

Encouraged, I moved from slowly from rubbing her cheeks to slipping my fingers down under her thong, just as she had moments before. This elicited another contented sigh as my fingers immediately felt her wetness. I used my pointer finger to peel aside her thong while my middle finger caressed her sex.


I felt her hips shift as she pressed subtly back against my hand. What sort of game was this we were playing? Was she really asleep and reacting as if in a dream, or was she merely pretending to be asleep as part of some odd ploy to avoid responsibility for whatever was going to happen next? Either way, her body very much wanted me to continue. As I slipped my hand further down into her crotch, I used my fingers to spread her sex. It opened easily: wet, warm, and inviting.


Holding her thong aside with my thumb, I began running my two fingers up and down her labia. She continued subtly gyrating her hips and moaning softly into the pillow as I stroked her pussy and slipped a finger inside. Keeping my right hand working on her sex, I used my free hand to prop myself up onto my knees and straddled myself over her.

My hardon had never subsided, but my need felt more urgent now than it had all night. I fished out my erect penis from the slit in my boxers and began lazily stroking myself as I continued to administer to her wet, increasingly needy crevasse with my now sopping fingers.

I was incredibly turned on by our "unconscious" role play. I wanted to be inside her so badly. Would she allow the game to go that far? Was it what she wanted? At this point, what could it hurt to try and find out? I gently slid my fingers away from her sex, painting a wet trail on her bare as cheeks.

I paused a moment to see what she would do when I stopped playing with her pussy. For a few moments: nothing. Then I heard a muffled whimper as her ass wiggled again. She wanted more.

I sat up a bit more so I could work my boxers over my hips, springing free my engorged prick. I then carefully worked my underwear down past my knees and off. Brandi continued to whine and wiggle her tush almost as if she knew what I was about to do and couldn't wait.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it a couple more times as I squatted back down onto the back of her thighs. I aimed myself at her exposed sex and rested my head just above the entrance to her vagina.


She wiggled her butt again, swirling my cockhead around in her juices. I worked my hips with her gyrations to prevent her from slipping inside her. The thought of teasing her now seemed like a mild form of justice for the way she'd teased me all night. More than that though, I really needed to know for sure that she wanted me inside her. I needed to know I wasn't about to take advantage of a passed out young woman who only seemed to be enjoying my ministrations.

"Tell me you want it," I instructed calmly. "Tell me you want me to fuck you right now."

Silence. Her hips continued to jiggle, coaxing me on. I continued resisting, pulling back if her moist lips got too close to drawing me in.

"Say it...," I commanded now.

This time, her hips stopped moving. There was a long pause...

"Mmmm... Fuck me baby...," she relented in a passionate whisper.

That was all I needed. I relaxed my hips and slid forward slightly. As I did so, my dick finally breached the divide between teasing and fucking as my cockhead slowly eased its way into her. Brandy’s hips didn’t move, but I heard her exhale a long, contented sigh.


She felt wonderful. Already sloppy wet from our tease-play, her vagina accepted my manhood with a warm, snug embrace. I carefully eased myself forward, savoring every bit of her depth as I slid myself to the hilt. Aside from her sigh, Brandy was silent and motionless. Her body seemed completely relaxed with nary a tight muscle to be seen or felt. I slid myself back out just as slowly, observing the moist sheen she had deposited on my dick.

I started to steady my pace: slowly in, slowly out. I wanted to take my time enjoying the lewd circumstances of our joining. There she was like a ragdoll, letting me pull aside her thong and fuck her all while acting oblivious to everything that was going on. I continued caressing her butt and pulling on her thong as I slid in and out. Despite my best intentions, I began quickening my pace. Her pussy was coating me with her juices and the sight of her ass crack totally exposed was such a turn on, I couldn’t help myself.

Before I knew it, I was fucking her properly; thrusting in and out. Though still relaxed, Brandy’s breathing had intensified with my strokes. A slight vocalization escaped her lips each time I drove it home almost as if I was pumping life into her. By now I had given up the pretense of “sneaking sex” without “waking” her. My hands were gripping her butt tightly to steady my rhythm. I was breathing heavily. The whole bed was shaking. The headboard was smacking against the wall.

It felt so good. I knew I would not be able to last much longer. Only now did it dawn on me that, since I wasn’t wearing protection of any sort, she might not like it if I came inside her. There was no time to make a reasoned analysis of my options, so I settled on breaking my silence again and giving her warning.

“Oh god baby! I’m going to cum soon…”

That elicited an immediate moan as if the anticipation of me fully “violating” her was going to push her over the edge. Her body curled a bit as she tightened her grip on her pillow.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

I took that as permission to spill my seed inside her and pulled off the throttle a bit. I changed up my quick pumping for longer, deeper thrusts; each one prompting a complimentary “ugh” from Brandy muffled into her pillow. At the precipice of ecstasy, I shoved deep into her one last time, pressing the head of my cock up against her cervix. I tensed my muscles holding off the coming release for as long as I could. A moment later, my orgasm overcame that fickle barrier and exploded ejaculate in deep, forceful bursts against the walls of her sex.

“Ummmm….. cumming!” I warned her, a bit too late.

She was already reacting to the sensation of throbbing head releasing semen. Her hips began bucking more wildly than ever before, trying to milk the last bits of pleasure from my cock.

"Oh God yes! Adam! Yesssss!" she screamed as if waking from her self-imposed stupor.

Adam? My name's not Adam.

I refused to ruin the moment though. Her body started shuddering. I held her quivering ass tight, keeping myself buried deep in her as she rode out wave after wave of orgasm. Eventually the bucking of her hips subsided and her head rolled to the side. No longer muffled by the pillow, she took a deep breath and let out a long contented sigh.


Her eyes were still closed, but I could see the crease of a slight smile on her face. Enjoying the moment, I caressed her body once more. I massaged her butt, rubbed my hands up and down her back, and then down the sides of her thighs. Brandy’s only response was goosepimples. Then I slowly drew myself out. She shuddered one last time as the tip of my head left her sex and then she went still again.

Exhausted, I fell back on the bed beside her. I wasn’t sure what had just happened, but damn it sure felt great. I just hoped I had read her signals properly. The grin plastered on her face suggested that I had. I wasn’t sure who Adam was though. Did she think my name was “Adam”? Was that her boyfriend’s name? The questions swirled in my mind for only a moment. As the euphoria of sexual release began to wear off, sleep quickly claimed me.

I woke up the next morning and found her gone from the bed. "Oh crap," I thought to myself, remembering back to the deeds of last night. Had I done something wrong? Where had she gone?

Just then, I heard the toilet flush in my bathroom and I saw her come out. She was now fully dressed and seemed to be in a giddy mood. In her hand, I spied what could only be the wadded, soiled material of her thong.

“Hey there sleepy-head!” she greeted me, sitting on the edge of the bed politely keeping the hand holding her thong out of sight.

“Hey,” I reply as nonchalantly as possible.

“Thanks for letting me stay here last night. I really appreciate it.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“You know, I had the weirdest dream last night,” she intoned sarcastically.

“Oh?” I said, playing along.

“Yeah. I dreamt I was having sex with my boyfriend. He was massaging me, toying with my pussy, and then he fucked me REALLY good from behind.”

Adam must be her boyfriend then. “Is that so?”

“Mmm-hmm. It was pretty hot. I’m sorry if I got weird or moaned out loud in the night or anything…”

Not sure how to react to that, I just went with: “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Anyway… I just wanted to check and make sure we’re cool right?”

“Of course. Absolutely.”

“Good. It must’ve been a pretty good dream, because I totally soiled my panties.”

On cue, she offered up the evidence dangling her thong by the waistline on one finger in front of me. I could see could see the cloudy soiled gusset clearly in front of me. I said nothing.

Brandy continued, “Clearly I can’t take these home with me. What would my boyfriend think if he saw these?”


“So I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you keep these,” she said tossing her panties in my lap, “and we’ll keep whatever happened last night strictly between us, ok?”

Who was I to argue with that?

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good. Now you just rest up and I’ll get out of your hair. My cab is waiting downstairs.”

She had already called a cab. Great. It was a relief to be so summarily untangled from whatever mischief we’d gotten ourselves into last night, but at the same time I was a bit chagrined to know I would likely never see her again.

“You didn’t have to do that. I could’ve…”

“No, it’s better this way,” she interrupted. “Thank you so much for everything last night… and I do mean EVERYTHING. I had such a good time…”

I heard two distinct, impatient toots of a car horn outside.

“That’s my ride!”

She got up, leaned over, and kissed me tenderly on the forehead. She looked me in the eye and gave me another one of her great smiles. Then she spun around, was out the door, and out of my life.

I looked down at my lap to the ragged blue thong. I picked it up and examined my handiwork. The mess wasn’t anything a good washing couldn’t cure, but I doubted that was the point. This was a memento to do with and savor however I pleased and a reminder of the crazy party girl who let me fuck her in her “sleep”. Of course she had been awake the whole time. These panties were a token to let me know everything was okay.

I lifted them up to my nose and took a long, deep sniff.

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Revealing Lilly – Part 1

Revealing Lilly

Story By: B.C. Kingston
Artwork by: B.C. Kingston

Part 1

The anticipation and worry was killing him. It had been two days -- TWO DAYS -- since Jonathan sent Lilly those photos. Had she seen them? Did she hate them? Would she never talk to him again? This was silly of course. She had to love them, right? Heck, she’d practically begged him to send them to her. She was probably just busy. It was finals week, after all.

Jonathan sat there in his dorm room desk chair, staring at his laptop. Now a sophomore in college, part of him lamented that this was how he chose to spend his free time. Why was he fixated on an imaginary lover on the other side of the continent when plenty of beautiful, smart, and single girls passed through his building every day?

Shy and awkward as a kid growing up in an industrial Oregon town, he had trouble forming relationships with others his own age. For the most part, his friends were video games, cartoons, and books. While not necessarily shy, he tended only to be outgoing with adults. He was his parent’s pride and joy though. A straight-A student and a national merit scholar, they often made it a point to show him off to other adults, which was fine by him. He could engage adults on a variety of topics and speak with an intellectual maturity well beyond his young age. They always seemed to appreciate how smart he was and treated him more like a peer than he ever felt kids his own age could.

However now that he was becoming an adult himself, his preference for social interactions with people older than his peers was becoming more problematic. If he wanted to be successful on his own, make friends, and fall in love then he needed to overcome his own long suppressed social anxieties. The kids he eschewed in favor of adults were becoming his mature peers and he didn’t know how to relate to them.

His body had come around though. No longer long, scrawny, and crater-faced; Jonathan was starting to fill in. His skin had cleared up, and he had gained weight. Instead of toothpicks for arms and legs, he now had some muscle tone on his 6’1” frame. He’d traded in his sulky emo-do in favor of a clean, natural brown medium crew cut. Now that he didn’t have to stare at moonscape of blemishes every time he looked in the mirror, Jonathan was slowly coming to see himself for the good looking young man he’d become. He’d even caught himself admiring his reflection when walking out of the men’s showers. His pecs were defined, and he could make out the shape of his sinewy biceps without the need to flex. His abs weren’t quite six-pack, but the wispy line of hair trailing from his belly hinted at the nicely matured manhood that lurked beneath his towel.

The girls on campus had started noticing him as well. There was one in class he’d caught staring at him. Several others had smiled invitingly at him as they passed him walking through campus.

Jonathan wasn’t dumb. As inexperienced as he was, he could tell when a girl fancied him. It was just that his confidence failed him. Inside he was still the awkward social outcast who had learned to avoid bullying by eschewing all forms of social interaction. He knew he needed to be brave and put himself out there, but the depths of his own insecurities were overpowering. Instead of engaging, he just lowered his head and started walking faster in full retreat of the inviting feminine smiles targeting him.

This couldn’t go on forever. He needed to learn how to talk to a woman and, more importantly, gain confidence and trust in his own prowess as an attractive man. The hardest part was introducing himself and starting a conversation. Being the geek that he was, Jonathan decided to let the internet do the introductions for him.

He wasn’t looking for a relationship. He was looking for practice to build his confidence in order to pursue someone in the real world. So instead of setting up a profile on a dating site, he started hanging around in romantic chat rooms. That’s where he met LillyPad4_69.

It was another lonely night alone in his dorm room watching the romance chat scroll by. By then Jonathan had figured out a majority of the other “people” on there were either spambots or trolls looking to rile everyone else up. He monitored the feed, but rarely posted anything. Instead he would look at other people’s profiles and if he thought a cute profile might actually link to a real person, he would summon up the courage and IM them a “hello.”

Lilly had one photo on her profile. It was a cropped picture of a beautiful voluptuous young woman smiling and holding up a peace sign with her fingers. All he could see of her face was her lips and chin. He gathered she had short red hair based on her pale freckled complexion and the fact that there were no long tresses in view. She wore a tight green top, tattered blue jeans and had a small purse draped over her shoulder, the thin strap running snugly down between what appeared to be two fantastic, large, and pert breasts. Her tummy had just the slightest pouch where he could make out the outline of her belly button under her shirt. Her hips flared nicely suggesting an excellent curvy tush was hiding just out of sight.

When he first saw Lilly’s solitary profile photo, Jonathan almost dismissed her as another bot. However, there was an authentic gleam in her eye that suggested at least the photo was a candid of a real person. If she was a real person, what were the chances she’d respond to a guy like him. He wasn’t sure, but he hazarded a try anyway. Much to his surprise, LillyPad4_69 replied immediately and they soon found themselves regularly chatting and often into the early morning hours. Lilly was smart, enthusiastic, and quite witty. She got most of his obscure pop culture references and even laughed at his geeky jokes, occasionally chiming in with one of her own. Jonathan really dug her personality, but was unable to learn very much about who she was outside of chat.

Beyond her profile photo and personality, there were very few specific details to be gleaned about Lilly. She lived on the east coast, far away from his Oregon dormitory and went to a local community college where she lived. She worked part time for a legal firm and she was still living with her parents while she worked on her degree in communications.

No last name. No phone number. No other pictures. When he asked, she politely changed the subject. Despite her fantastic and sexy personality, Lilly was an enigma. What was she hiding? Was she not at all the person she claimed to be? Jonathan worried about this more than he probably should have. After all, she was exactly what he was looking for: a young beautiful woman to coax him out of his shell, converse with, and build his self-confidence. Couldn’t he afford her some anonymity? He had turned to the internet for her help and she was providing that in spades. Lilly loved his profile and cooed over the vacation pictures he sent her from last summer. She told him he was sexy, smart, and any woman would be lucky to have him.

Lilly’s effervescent and creative personality soon pushed their conversations towards sex. At first it was all innuendo, with each taking advantage of any opportunity to make a sexual pun or crack a, “That’s what she said.” Unabashed, Lilly would flirt and escalate from there. Soon they were sharing fantasies and then assuming their respective roles in them. One night, Lilly was the dominatrix issuing commands to her pet. The next night, she was a much younger submissive bending to the whims of her ‘daddy’. They explored everything from mundane dormroom sex to the kinkier aspects of Jonathan’s favorite japanese animes.

It became an alluring routine that their chats would end with Jonathan slowly stroking himself off, delaying release while she described what she was doing to her pussy as she thought about his ‘hard cock’ ramming in and out of it. It was strictly text-only, but Lilly’s enthusiasm and creative dirty talk always coaxed Jonathan to climax every time. She still teases him about the time he got too into the moment and carelessly came all over his keyboard. “Sticky keys” was a running joke now.

In the afterglow, before they wished each other goodnight and sexy dreams, Jonathan always politely pushed the envelope on getting Lilly to open up to him more about who she was, particularly about sending him some photos, any photos of her.

One night, she finally relented. She admitted that she absolutely loved the time they spent together and “Jonny” had more than earned his reward. She greatly appreciated his patience with her and said she would send him the sexiest pictures of her he could possibly imagine, on one condition… He had to send her sexy pics of him first. Not just any pictures at that. She wanted to see a striptease that slowly built from getting undressed, to masturbation, to a glorious cumshot.

Naturally, Jonathan offered immediately to turn on the webcam and give her a show right then, but she declined. No, she wanted a keepsake to remember him by. Something he put thought and effort into creating just for her. Jonathan knew he would do just about anything for Lilly, so he didn’t put up much of a fight agreeing to her request. Lilly told him she was going into finals this upcoming week and really needed to focus on studying. She might not be online as much, but rest assured she was thinking of him and not-so-subtly hinted that this time would be good for him to do his “homework” for her. Then Lilly said she couldn’t wait to see what he “came” up with and blew him emoticon kisses before signing off.

That last chat had been four agonizing days ago. The night of the request, he was already a mess from masturbating so he decided to wait until the next day to do his “homework.” He’d never groomed himself down there before but he instinctively knew that “wild bushman” would not rise to the level of effort she was requesting. Besides, his penis would certainly look larger on camera if the hair around it was properly manscaped.

Although embarrassing, Jonathan spent the next afternoon locked in his dorm room with a razor, shaving cream, a bucket of water, a trash can, a towel, and an electric trimmer. When he was done, he had successfully trimmed and shaved all of the hair from his balls and between his legs, leaving a short, neatly-trimmed patch of pubis just above the base of his member.

Even he had to admit, seeing his freshly shorn cock was a bit of a turn on. Just wiping away the remaining shaving cream with a towel, thinking about what he was about to do, was more than enough to bring his staff to full attention, a bead of pre-cum glistening at the tip. He was so turned on, the urge to masturbate right then was quite strong, but he admonished himself and set about picking out his attire.

He figured a poor college girl wouldn’t likely expect too much in the fashion department from her equally poor college lover, so he settled on a simple t-shirt, a tight pair of jeans, and a snug new pair of white Calvin boxer briefs.

Grabbing a digital camera his parents bought for him before college, Jonathan laid back on his bed and set about complying with Lillie’s lurid “homework”. He decided to leave the lights on and the camera flash off to avoid dark images or washout. Sitting on his bed in the daytime with the fluorescent lights on, camera in hand was certainly a strange feeling. Embarrassed, he considered putting it off or maybe even giving up altogether. But then he thought of what Lillie’s reaction would be when she saw his pictures. He thought of her taking her giant boobies out of their holsters, rubbing her nipples, and snaking a hand down into her panties as she looked a sexy pictures of his, Jonathan’s cock.

That was enough. Already rock hard, he could feel his tight jeans straining against the bulge. He laid back, aimed his camera, and took a picture. Getting more into it, he undid his jean button and partially unzipped his fly. He took another picture. Next, he peeled his fly all the way back, revealing the mound of his white boxers straining up into the open air. He took another picture. The wet tip of his cock was already leaking through the tight fabric. He took his hand and dolloped a bit of precum from it, stretching the sex sinew up into the air. He took another picture. Next he peeled back the waistband, revealing just the tip of his purple, bulbous head. The digital camera clicked again. Then he reached his hand all the way into his underwear, gripping his shaft. Lifting it up slightly, he took another picture as he slowly stroked himself under his underwear, the exposed tip of his penis now drooling a thin line of dew down onto the fuzzy happy trail of his stomach.

Jonathan set the camera down for a moment and took his jeans the rest of the way off. Laying back down, he pulled his waistband the rest of the way down, nestling it snugly under his balls. He snapped another picture of himself free of the Calvins, his member rigid and veiny, sitting up at a 35 degree angle in the cool dorm room air. Jonathan had never thought of his penis as very large. He’d measured it before of course - a respectable six and a half inches, a bit larger than the average (so he’d heard). But now it looked monstrous. He’d never been so hard before in his life, and the recent manscaping certainly helped to reveal the full splendor of it. It was veiny. Brownish at the base, red in the upper half, and a shiny purple at the tip. His balls were all the way sucked in, hard as walnuts and goose pimpled in the open air.

Jonathan pulled his underwear all the way off and spread his legs a bit as he lay back again. Turning the camera on it’s side, he tried to get a picture with his cock taking up the full diagonal width of the frame. He snapped it and looked at the preview image. Satisfied, he knew Lilly would love it. He could imagine her getting to this picture in the series and rubbing herself furiously as she thought about how badly she wanted to take his glistening head into her mouth. It looked positively gigantic, a beast of rigorous pleasure.

Excited, he once again wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, snuggling his balls as close as he could so as much tip as he could managed was surging triumphantly from the top of his fist. He took another picture. Then he began slowly moving his hand up and down, enjoying how close to the edge of cuming he was already. He knew it wouldn’t make sense to take pictures of the actual deed because they would come out all blurry. Instead, he set the camera down and imagined Lilly, naked before him straddling his legs. Her magnificent tits at full attention bobbing up and down as she reached down and stroked his cock.

“Oh my god, I want you so bad. Your cock is magnificent!” he imagined her saying.

There is no time to spare. She urgently needs him. Laying his cock down on his belly, she slides forward, her moist sex leaving a wet trail from ball to tip. With a little jiggle of her hips, she slips him inside and immediately begins riding him.

“Oh Jonny. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long… I can’t believe how good this feels.”

Her expertise is readily apparent. Rocking back and forth with just her hips, she slides her love hole out to the tip and then thrusts it back down again. Her hands are wrapped around her breasts, her right hand pinching a nipple, her left hand feeding the other nipple to her mouth, tongue darting about salivating all over her areola.

Jonathan could stand it no longer. While furiously pounding away, his balls tensed as he held off the impending explosion just a bit longer… Then the pressure broke free, washing over him in waves of pleasure as his tip fired rivulets of cum across his belly, some spattering against his chin. After the first couple of high pressure bursts, the rest of his orgasm dripped slowly out of his cock, leaking down his tightly clenched fist, his rod pulsing angrily in time to the strong beat of his heart.

After a moment of exhausted bliss, Jonathan remembered his mission and reached over to pick up the camera. His fist still wrapped around his meat, he snapped a picture of the cum slowly drooling down it. Next he held the camera above his chest and snapped several pictures hoping to get a good one depicting how much of a mess he made thinking of Lilly. Taking his hand away, he snaps a couple more of his wet member, now laying against his belly slowly relaxing to it’s normal state.

Once again, the embarrassment returned. Laying there covered in his own cum, Jonathan pondered what he just did, realizing he now had purposefully collected digital evidence of his own debauchery. As electric as the moment was, he felt some trepidation about having to actually look at those photos, compile them, and then send them across the internet to someone who was still pretty much a stranger to him. But then he thought about how much Lilly would love these photos and eagerness to please her quickly overcame any lingering shyness about sharing his first digital cumshot collection.

After cleaning himself up, Jonathan spent the evening compiling his pictures. He put the best ones in sequence in a Word document, adding a narrative to each picture:

“I’m so excited to see you, my cock is already hard in my pants.”

“I wish it was you unzipping my fly. Wouldn’t you like to see what’s inside?”

“I’m already wet for you. Just look at the precum dripping from my tip.”

“I can’t help but touch myself when I think of you. Do you like having this power over me?”

“I’m imagining you straddling my hips, your wet pussy leaking onto my balls as you stroke my shaft.”

“Oh god I want to be inside you so badly. How much do you want my cock in your pussy? Can you imagine how good it would feel?”

“Mmmm… I’m cuming again for you Lillypad. Look at the mess I made dreaming of your sexy body!”

“I hope you loved these pictures. I definitely enjoyed making them for you. I can’t wait for you to show me how they made you feel…”

Satisfied, he posted the whole thing into an email and signed it, “Forever your e-lover, Jonathan” and then hovered over the send key. This was the point of no return. Had he misjudged her? Would his pictures end up all over the internet? Would she like them? Would she reply? Was he still sure he wanted to do this?


It was done. No take-backs now. He checked chat to see if she was online. She wasn’t. No instant gratification. He checked repeatedly, throughout the night. There was no sign of her. He knew she might not be online tonight. She had told him as much, but still the worry of waiting these short few hours was weighing on him.

Then the morning came and still no word from her. He got up and went to class and tried to focus on his studies. It was a futile effort. All he wanted was to be safely locked away in his dorm room at the computer with sexy Lilly happily at the other end. The night came and went without any word, then another quiet morning. He was so worthless in class that day, he didn’t even realize when a professor called on him to answer a question, eliciting giggles out of the other girls in class. He rushed back to his room after class and spent another lonely evening staring at his laptop, with LillyPad4_69 grayed out in the chat window.

The creeping doubt was becoming overwhelming. An endless screed of negative questions swirled around in his brain. Had he been duped? Did she hate them? Was she showing all her friends and laughing at him? Was she going to email them to the Dean or, “Oh God,” to his parents? It was all silly of course. He knew her better than that, didn’t he? Just be patient. Just be patient…

LillyPad4_69 is online

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Revealling Lilly – Part 2

Revealing Lilly

Story By: B.C. Kingston
Artwork by: B.C. Kingston

Part 2

“Oh my God, she’s online!” he thought. “Do I message her? Would that seem to eager?” Jonathan was so flummoxed the moment he’d been eagerly anticipating had arrived and now he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Lilly resolved that issue quickly.

LillyPad4_69: Hey there my sexy, sexy man! Howarya?

Jonathan hesitated only a moment and then hastily typed out a reply.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Hey toots! I’m glad you could pull yourself away from studying for little ole me.
LillyPad4_69: Ha! As if. You have no idea how badly I’ve been wanting to get away from that crap and back into your lovely, lovely e-arms! 😉JonnyBoy_ACI: LOL @ e-arms. You can climb into my REAL arms any time you want.LillyPad4_69: That would be nice. I could really use a good hug right now.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh? What’s wrong? Anything I can help with?

LillyPad4_69: Eh… it’s just finals. They can really drag a girl down and make her feel stupid, you know? I think the worst of it passed now. Smooth sailing from here on out!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Lilly… you’re far from stupid. I think you’re one of the smartest, funniest, and most awesome girls I’ve ever met.

LillyPad4_69: Heh. This from the guy who doesn’t know any girls… 😛

JonnyBoy_ACI: Hey! ...I resemble that remark… 🙁

LillyPad4_69: Just kidding sweetie. You know I think you’re the bestest.

LillyPad4_69: And a hot cock too. God damn!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh, so you DID get my email, eh?

LillyPad4_69: Damn straight I did. You my friend are a wait for it…

LillyPad4_69: A stud! S - T - U - D! A Grade-A Soopah-sexay STUD!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Awww… he he he

JonnyBoy_ACI:<-- [blushing]

LillyPad4_69: No I mean it. I was blown away! I was hoping for a couple sexy pictures, but you went above and beyond my friend…

LillyPad4_69: I mean I didn’t get past the second picture before I had my hand in my panties. Your cock looks soooo… delish! I came right away.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yeah baby! Just the reaction I was hoping for!

LillyPad4_69: How could I not? Not only does your wang look magnificent, but you put a narrative to it, and best of all, did it just for me!

LillyPad4_69: I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by a guy before. I mean, in person is different. There’s always the edge of reality taking the spark out of things, but this is pure and I can savor it FOREVER! Good job Jonny! [standing ovation]

JonnyBoy_ACI: That’s such a relief! I was a bit worried with it being so… graphic and perverted and whatnot.

LillyPad4_69: WHATEVER! Perverted is my middle name. You know that.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Well actually, no. I never knew your middle name before.

LillyPad4_69: Oh? Well now you do. Lilly Perverted Pad. Oh wait…

JonnyBoy_ACI: LOL

JonnyBoy_ACI: So… did you masturbate to my pictures?

LillyPad4_69: Twice. (so far)

LillyPad4_69: I noticed the email right away when you sent it, but made myself hold off on reading it, because you know… fucking finals.

LillyPad4_69: I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to retain exam information when I’ve got cock on the brain.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Uh… something similar I imagine, but not cock-related.

LillyPad4_69: Haha. Pussy related perhaps?

JonnyBoy_ACI: He he he… perhaps

LillyPad4_69: ANYWAY, so yeah I held off… until last night. Then I poured myself a nice glass of wine (stolen from my parents), stripped down to my undies, put a towel on my chair, and sat down to read your email.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sounds serious…

LillyPad4_69: As a heart attack!

LillyPad4_69: And I fucking loved it! I scrolled slowly to savor each picture. They made me so wet. I was two fingers deep by the time I saw your cock head peeking out of your undies!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Mmmm… I would love to have seen that.

LillyPad4_69: Oh it stank like hot sex mister! The towel was DEFINITELY a good idea.

LillyPad4_69: When I saw your cum everywhere, I totally lost it. I made a pretty good mess myself. All over my hands. All over the towel. Running down my legs.

LillyPad4_69: When I came to, I felt a small trickle dripping off my arched heal. Not sure if that was sweat or sex juice, but yeah I was wet all over.

JonnyBoy_ACI: God that’s so hot!

LillyPad4_69: You’re telling me! Thank you soverymuch for such a lovely treat. I frigged myself to it again this afternoon. Couldn’t help it…

JonnyBoy_ACI: You’re welcome. I’m so glad you liked it.

LillyPad4_69: Mmm hmmm… Hell, just thinking about it is making me pretty wet again.

JonnyBoy_ACI: That’s awesome. The idea of you masturbating to my pictures has definitely got me “standing at attention” too.

LillyPad4_69: Oh yeah? Are you stroking that magnificent cock of yours Jonny Boy?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Maybe… Are you touching that sweet juicy pussy of yours?

LillyPad4_69: Of course. But just a little rub on the outside of my panties for now…

JonnyBoy_ACI: God I would love to see that…

LillyPad4_69: Well you’re in luck tonight my friend! A promise is a promise.

JonnyBoy_ACI: No shit? For real?

LillyPad4_69: Well… still no webcam, but I do have a treat for you as promised.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I can’t wait…

LillyPad4_69: I had a little trouble getting the camera to sit at the right angle. Lots of awkward non-sexy mishaps, but I figured it out. I don’t have the sexy narrative yet, so if you wanted to wait…

JonnyBoy_ACI: No no no no no! Please please share them now!

LillyPad4_69: LOL, ok. But first… you have to promise, Promise, PROMISE me that you will NEVER share any of these photos with ANYONE! I’m sure you’ve figured out by now I have trust issues, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my privacy. I trust you Jonathan… I just need to know you understand how important this is to me.

LillyPad4_69: Jonathan?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Lilly, you are very special to me. I think I will owe you a debt of gratitude I could never repay in what you’ve given me in self confidence and belief in my own attractiveness. I could never betray your trust. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose THIS, ever…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sorry if I sound a little too infatuated…

LillyPad4_69: Oh sorry, no. I was having an “awww” moment. [sniff]. You’re so sweet!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Ok, just checking. I really like you my Lilly (Perverted) Pad.

LillyPad4_69: I really like you too Jonny, and our time together.

LillyPad4_69: [I say that as I’m rubbing my pussy and looking at your cock pics again…] LOL

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sexy…

JonnyBoy_ACI: ...And you were about to give me some pictures to look at?

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… yes. My magic cock man.

LillyPad4_69: First, let me set the scene...

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yay! [grabs popcorn]

LillyPad4_69: Silly! X(

LillyPad4_69: Ok, so anyway… Ahem:

LillyPad4_69: [Scene] I meet this really awesome guy. He’s smart, funny, thoughtful, caring, geeky, and a bit shy. But by the power of my feminine wiles, I have seduced him into falling into total infatuation with me!

LillyPad4_69: Soo… I bring you to my parent’s house (roll with it) then I bring you into, wait for it… my parent’s bedroom!

JonnyBoy_ACI: No… :O

LillyPad4_69: Shush!

LillyPad4:69: I make you stand in my parent’s bedroom facing the foot of the bed. I crawl onto the bed and then pose seductively for you.
JonnyBoy_ACI: Mmmm… I like your necklace! And your lips!! And your awesome body…

LillyPad4_69: I get up on my knees, put my hand seductively on my hip and puff out my chest for you. Don’t my titties look good in this shirt?
JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh God yes they do…

LillyPad4_69: Then I turn around so you can get a good look at my backside. Would you like it if I pulled up my shirt Jonathan?
JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh please yes please!

LillyPad4_69: I don’t know… Are you sure that’s what you want?

JonnyBoy_ACI: I think I can honestly say I’ve never been more certain of anything else ever in my life…

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… well in that case, feast your eyes on these!
JonnyBoy_ACI: Lilly, you’re gorgeous! Your breasts are so… magnificent! Plump, round, pert… so yummy! I dearly wish I could put one of them in my mouth.

LillyPad4_69: He he he, are you stroking now mister?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh yes, but only a little bit. I don’t want to ruin it before you finish telling your story…

LillyPad4_69: Good idea. I’ve still got a few more… 😉

LillyPad4_69: So... what’s “only a little bit”?

JonnyBoy_ACI: He he. I have it out but not stroking. Just touching it and rubbing the precum around the tip.

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… Sounds yummy. I’d love to help you swirl around that precum… with my tongue.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I’d love that… You playing with yourself too?

LillyPad4_69: Of course. Left hand in my panties rubbing my clit. Right hand posting pictures.

LillyPad4_69: This is soooo… much sexier than when I took the pictures, having you here to enjoy them, having a clear picture of what your magnificent cock looks like in my mind. Rubbing myself… Mmmm…

LillyPad4_69: Anyway, I lay back on the bed, lick my lips, and start undoing the top of my jeans. I’m so turned on by you watching me strip, that I immediately slip a hand into my panties and begin rubbing my clit. You don’t mind if I pleasure myself for you, do you?
JonnyBoy_ACI: Not at all. You look fantastic!

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… Getting comfy now. I lie back on my parents bed and pull my jeans all the way off. I spread my legs so you can see my pretty purple panties. Do you like what you see?


JonnyBoy_ACI: Indeed. Is that a wet spot I see? Naughty girl...

LillyPad4_69: Maybe…

LillyPad4_69: Knowing that you’re watching me is quite a turn-on. As I sit on the bed, gently petting myself through my panties, I urge you to catch up.

LillyPad4_69: Take out your beautiful penis and show me how turned on you are.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yes ma’am. It’s very hard, and wet. I’m stroking it gently for you, matching the rhythm of your panty rub.

LillyPad4_69: Mmm… having seen it up close, I can honestly say I love every bit of it. I lick my lips in anticipation of it filling me completely.

JonnyBoy_ACI: You’re such a tease. I can’t wait to crawl onto that bed with you and do just that.

LillyPad4_69: Now now… All in good time. I’ve got something else to show you. First, I need to take these wet panties off. I lift my butt of the bed quickly peel them down, closing my legs and turning to the side.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Awww… shy all the sudden?

LillyPad4_69: Hardly. I quickly get back on my knees and turn my back to you, squatting down on the bed.


JonnyBoy_ACI: My what a spectacular ass you’ve got there Lilly. I just want to reach out and touch it.

LillyPad4_69: I’d like that very much. Would you fondle me? Spank me? Finger my hole?

JonnyBoy_ACI: My, you are a naughty girl. You like anal play?

LillyPad4_69: Depends.

JonnyBoy_ACI: On… what?

LillyPad4_69: On whether I’ve “prepared” for anal play, if you get my drift…

LillyPad4_69: And who I’m with. In your case, I’d let you do anything you wanted my dear…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Hmm… I do enjoy anal porn, but it always seemed like a fantasy thing more than something a woman would enjoy in real life.

LillyPad4_69: It’s not for everyone, but I do enjoy it under the right circumstances.

LillyPad4_69: Would you lick my ass if I asked you to?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yes.

LillyPad4_69: Mmm… I’m using one of my wet fingers to rub my pussy juice around my hole right now. Imagining it’s your tongue…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Soooo naughty, my sexy little Lilly Pad. Is that the picture I’m going to see next?

LillyPad4_69: Ha ha! No. I didn’t think of that one. Until now that is…

JonnyBoy_ACI: There’s always next time!

LillyPad4_69: Next time? Hmm… I might have to give you another homework assignment first.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I’m game!

LillyPad4_69: I bet you are… Anyway, back to my parent’s bedroom. After giving you a little show from behind, I lay back down on the bed and spread my legs wide. My pussy is glistening for you. Would you like to come taste it?


JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh yes! You look so delicious! Please let me! I’ll lick it just the way you want me to until you come all over my face!

LillyPad4_69: You’re such a sweet boy Jonny. Come climb on to my parents bed with me and bring that cock of yours with you.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Gladly. Is the show over? Because man that was great! I can’t believe you did this for me - beyond my wildest dreams!

LillyPad4_69: Oh I’m happy to for you honey. Thank you for being so patient with me. I know I’m not the easiest girl to deal with sometimes. You’ve been wonderful.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Putting up with a smart, fun, witty, charming, and sexy vixen like you is hardly a chore. I’ve loved every moment of it.

LillyPad4_69: Me too my sexy man! I have one more photo for you…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yum yum! You’re full of surprises!

LillyPad4_69: Yes, but first I want you to stroke your cock and cum for me.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Already stroking… won’t be long.

LillyPad4_69: Good. Now get on my parent’s bed and fuck me, loverboy!

JonnyBoy_ACI: After seeing such a sexy striptease, I already have my cock out and am stroking it as I watch you touch yourself on the bed.

JohnnyBoy_ACI: I push my pants the rest of the way down and step out of them. In one swift motion, I pull my shirt off and stand naked before you.

LillyPad4_69: What, no socks?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sandals. Already kicked them off.

LillyPad4_69: Oooh. Good thinking. You may proceed.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I stand there naked stroking myself slowly. “Is this what you wanted.”

LillyPad4_69: Yes please. Come here.

LillyPad4_69: I lay back on the bed and spread my legs for you. I dip a finger in my sex and then bring it to my lips, sucking on my own juices.

LillyPad4_69: [I am actually doing that by the way… Yum yum!]

JonnyBoy_ACI: God you’re so hot. I waste no time and get onto the bed with you. I crawl between your open legs and dip my head down to smell your heedy sex.

LillyPad4_69: Lick me lover!

JonnyBoy_ACI: By your command. I lower my head and dip my tongue into the base of your sex and slowly lick my way up.

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm…

LillyPad4_69: [PS - I’m going to cum soon…]

JonnyBoy_ACI: A couple licks more and I can tell you are right on the edge. My mouth is already glistening with your juices.

LillyPad4_69: I grab two fistfuls of your hair and pull you up on top of me. Our mouths join in a frantic kiss. My passion has left me gasping for breath as I lick my juices off your lips.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Your hand snakes down and grabs my cock. You need it now. Guiding it towards your sex, I feel the tip of my spear dip into warm wetness.

LillyPad4_69: No more teasing. Fuck me Jonny! Fuck me now!

LillyPad4_69: [so close…]

JonnyBoy_ACI: [I’m stroking so hard right now. Right there with you babe!]

JonnyBoy_ACI: Once I acclimate to the pleasure of my moistened tip, I dip my rod all the way in, thrusting it as far as it can go.

LillyPad4_69: I’m moaning… loudly!

JonnyBoy_ACI: The striptease was too much. I’m already practically bursting. A few quick thrusts, and I can feel my orgasm building.

LillyPad4_69: Come in my pussy baby! Give me your seed!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh God I’m cumming! My cock throbs as it pumps my seed deep into your pussy.

LillyPad4_69: Oh my… Honey, I think I squirted a bit. That’s a first.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Really?

LillyPad4_69: Yeah. It’s all over the carpet. I can feel it with my toes. God that was good!

JonnyBoy_ACI: You should share naughty pictures more often…

LillyPad4_69: Apparently. The visuals of your penis certainly helped too. I think I’m in love with it…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Aww… now you’re making me blush again.

LillyPad4_69: Speaking of your penis, did you cum for me?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh yes. All over my laptop again. I’m wiping it down.

LillyPad4_69: Sticky keys!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Indeed.

LillyPad4_69: Well my sexy messy man, I have one more picture for you. After taking all the others, I laid back on the bed and masturbated, thinking of you. Thinking of you putting your hard cock deep inside me. I came pretty hard. Not quite a squirt, but you’ll see...


JonnyBoy_ACI: Good grief. You’re making me hard again. That is SO incredibly sexy.

LillyPad4_69: I thought it might. Saving the best for last and all you know…

JonnyBoy_ACI: I’ll savor that one for many “sessions” to cum!

LillyPad4_69: So long as you keep it a secret, I’ll be happy to know you’re jerking that magnificent rod of yours to my special pictures hon!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Thank you so much, for everything. You’re wonderful.

LillyPad4_69: Now it’s my turn to blush… and go to bed. I shall sleep well tonight.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Alas, all good things… I should probably get to bed as well. Sweet, sexy dreams my lovely Lilly Pad!

LillyPad4_69: And to you as well my sweet prince

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Revealing Lilly – Part 3

Revealing Lilly

Story By: B.C. Kingston
Artwork by: B.C. Kingston

Part 3

Mandy closed her laptop and leaned back against her chair. She was spent, physically and emotionally. As she looked at the trail of wetness on the towel between her legs and down onto the carpet, her sense of physical satisfaction quickly gave way to pangs of guilt.

What had she done? She’d sent naked pictures of her own daughter to a stranger on the internet. Worse, she masturbated to them. Even worse than that, she enjoyed the hell out of it. What was wrong with her?

It was only a few short months ago that Mandy was going through the motions of being a happily married, middle class, and very boring wife. Her daughter Lilly was mostly out of the house now attending the local university and doing God knows what else in her free time. Although she technically still lived at home, Mandy rarely saw her.

With Lilly gone, Mandy was left to focus on working and spending time with her husband, Charles. However, spending time together had to be a mutual thing and Charles seemed to prefer work. Her husband hadn’t even noticed when Mandy cut back her off-season hours at the tax-accounting firm. She was home a lot more, but that only made clear how little time he spent at home. If he wasn’t traveling to an industry convention somewhere, he was burning the midnight oil doing paperwork at the office. And when he was home, there was the constant interruption of sales calls which he rarely deferred despite Mandy shooting dagger stares at him.

Charles’ work brought them success though. She had a nice big empty house to wander around in. Lilly didn’t have to take out a student loan. The cars in the garage were both Audis. Mandy couldn’t really complain about her situation in life except she was bored, miserably bored.

Her sex life was practically non-existent. When Charles did oblige her, it was a very clinical thing; not much satisfaction to be derived from that. Worse, it was very evident much to her dismay, that Lilly’s sex life had kicked into overdrive. There were so many boys around in high school and now college that Mandy couldn’t keep track, and had long since given up trying. Lilly’s soap-opera romances were convoluted dramas that she tried her best to avoid getting tied up in.

The frustrating part was Mandy saw a lot of herself in Lilly, at least physically. When she was Lilly’s age, Mandy would’ve been her spitting image: medium height, bright red hair, pale freckled skin, voluptuous, and curvy. The years had taken their toll, of course. A little extra weight, a little sag, some gray hair, and creaking in her joints. However, at a distance, one would be hard-pressed to tell them apart. Lilly’s personality on the other hand, came almost exclusively from her father: outgoing, energetic, impulsive, and unflinchingly optimistic. Lilly seemed to dance through life, unfazed by her circumstances, despite all of the questionable decisions she’s made, particularly in the romance department.

Still, Mandy had to admit she was jealous of her daughter. If she could relive her own youth, she would want what Lilly had. She wouldn’t have been so shy and bookish. She would’ve lived it up a bit more. And given her current circumstances, she would’ve had a lot more wild and carefree sex. She feared the consequences before, but what had she got to show for it now?

That’s why Mandy was so upset when she found those pictures on her daughter’s laptop. As a mom, she was horrified that her daughter would do such things, posing naked like that for who knows which boyfriend, and on Mandy’s own bed too. It was so… slutty and disrespectful. She thought she had raised her daughter better than that.

Yet at the same time, those pictures were the embodiment of everything she wished she had done in her own youth. On full display was the outgoing, sexy, and fun persona of “Lilly,” the girl she never was.

Mandy thought about confronting her daughter, but quickly dismissed it. How would she justify snooping in Lilly’s private files? Furthermore, Lilly was an adult and as distasteful as it was, she was well within her rights to keep naked photos of herself if she wanted. Why she felt the need to do that in her Mom’s bedroom was hurtful, but in an odd way she understood that too. The taboo of being so naughty on her parent’s bed must’ve been quite the turn-on.

So instead, Mandy plugged a her thumb drive into Lilly’s laptop and copied the pictures. She wasn’t sure why she did it. Perhaps leverage for some future argument? Blackmail? No. She knew why she wanted those files, even if she couldn’t admit it yet. She wanted to reclaim her youth, take back some of the carefree sexuality she had missed out on over two decades ago.

Several weeks passed by and Mandy found herself thinking about those pictures more than she liked. She was obsessed really, jealous, depressed, and yeah… horny. She couldn’t take it out on her daughter though. That didn’t seem remotely fair. So instead, she decided to take on her daughter, to become her.

She thought about dressing sexy and heading to a singles club while Charles was out of town, but nixed that idea immediately. She didn’t want to cheat on Charles (at least, not physically) and she certainly didn’t want to be that sad fortysomething woman dressed half her age hanging out with drunkards in a smoky bar. Besides, the fear of getting into trouble or worse, getting caught terrified her.

No, she needed an option she could have more control over; something that allowed her to roleplay a younger, sexier version of herself and maintain her anonymity. Once the parameters were set, the solution was pretty obvious. “Lilly” would live out her fantasies on the internet.

Personals were out. She didn’t want to meet anyone in person, or do phone calls. So she settled on several romance chat rooms she found in search. She made a profile that was an idealized sexy version of her younger self. Mandy used a candid picture of her daughter, which she cropped above the lips to obscure her face.

And then the perverts came streaming out of the woodwork. At first, it felt somewhat gratifying, but got disgusting quickly. Mandy learned fast though. She blocked often and quickly. A few men she met online seemed alright and she flirted a bit, but she was still having trouble coming out of her shell and roleplaying a confident, sexy young girl, especially when so many men wanted to dominate her in some way or another.

Then Jonathan messaged her. He seemed different right from the start. He was shy, sweet, smart, and very inexperienced. He was like a lost puppy. Mandy’s own insecurities vanished as she quickly swept him up into her fantasy. Talking to him was easy, and the persona of LillyPad4_69 flowed effortlessly from her fingertips.

He sent her pictures from vacation. He was cute, handsome even - just the type of guy she could envision “Lilly” falling for. Their rapport transitioned comfortably from talking about mundane subjects like school and favorite movies into fantasies and turn-ons. He was an eager and willing participant in her fantasies. The thought of her words driving him to masturbate was greatly satisfying. She could tell he was infatuated.

Mandy’s time with Jonathan had a rejuvenating effect on her. Not only did she feel sexier and have incredible orgasms, but there was a spring in her step outside of the chat room. She even started utilizing her long dormant gym membership and eating better. Her whole outlook on life was subtly shifting and she found herself not just pretending to be Lilly online, but embodying that persona in real life. She bought sexier clothes, wore skimpy underwear, and invested in new makeup and skincare products.

Lilly was the first to notice, of course. She came by the house one afternoon and stopped in the doorway and stared at Mandy, gobsmacked.

“Wow Mom, you look great! Have you been working out? Where did you get that outfit? I love it!” she rattled off in her typical stream of consciousness fashion. They went shopping. Mandy had more fun hanging out with her daughter than she’d had in a long time. If only Lilly knew what was behind her sudden transformation…

Mandy was really enjoying her time with Jonathan, but knew her house of cards had to come tumbling down at some point. He wanted more than she could give him: photos, phone calls, her last name, and a number of other personal details she couldn’t part with. Her thoughts turned once again to Lilly’s naughty photos. She still had them. Jonathan would love them. But could she do it? Could she trust him with them?

She decided she could. After all, Jonathan had more than earned that much for what he had unknowingly done to boost her own self-confidence. However, a little insurance policy was in order. And so she devised a “homework” assignment for him. If he wanted naughty pics of her, he would have to send some naughty pics of his own first.

Naturally, he agreed immediately. Mandy knew Jonathan was in lust with “Lilly” but she didn’t quite realize the lengths he would go to in order to please her. When she opened that email from him, her mind was blown.

Quickly setting her wine down on the nightstand, Mandy settled comfortably into the pillows of the bed with her laptop to the side and began slowly scrolling through Jonny’s lust-letter.

“I’m so excited to see you, my cock is already hard in my pants.”

“Oh yes it is mister,” Mandy cooed at her laptop. She was ready to go too. She’d already stripped down to her underwear and put a towel underneath her on the bed. Her free hand started squeezing her ample breast through her new lacy white bra.

“I wish it was you unzipping my fly. Wouldn’t you like to see what’s inside?”

“Mmm hmmm…” Mandy felt a shiver travel down her spine. Jonathan had done this for her and only her. Being the sole audience for this special show made it that much more scintillating. Mandy dug into her bra and freed her fleshy pale, freckled tit. She began rubbing and pinching her swollen pink nipple.

“I’m already wet for you. Just look at the precum dripping from my tip.”

Mandy was wet too. Jonathan’s cockhead was shiny and glistening with precum. She wanted to lick the screen. She wanted to taste him. Instead, she settled for sliding her hand down her tummy and into her panties. Now they were both fondling their sex through their underwear.

“I can’t help but touch myself when I think of you. Do you like having this power over me?”

‘Oh yes I do Jonny. You have no idea how incredible it feels to have you lust after me.’ Now his cock was completely free of his underwear, oozing precum down onto his sexy happy trail. Mandy followed suit by frantically rolling her panties down her legs just far enough to spread them apart. She started running two fingers the full length of her sex, gathering up her juices and rubbing back up to circle her clit.

“I’m imagining you straddling my hips, your wet pussy leaking onto my balls as you stroke my shaft.”

The next shot was nothing but cock. It took up the full frame in all of its wet, veiny glory. Mandy had to pause and savor this picture, her mouth slightly agape, a bit of drool quivering at the edge. Maybe it was just the pure sensual bliss of the moment, but Mandy was certain she’d never seen anything so magnificent before in her life.

‘Oh, I can do that for you baby!’ She pushed her laptop further down on the bed and folded the screen back so she could look down on it. She got on her knees and spread them apart, panties still wrapped around her calves behind her. Sitting upright, she stared down at the image of Jonathan’s rigid member, and started frigging herself deep with two fingers.

A moan escaped her lips, “Mmmm… Jonny.” She reached over and scrolled to the next picture.

“Oh god I want to be inside you so badly. How much do you want my cock in your pussy? Can you imagine how good it would feel?”

Jonny was gripping his hard shaft tightly. It looked swollen and ready to burst. Mandy’s hand was moving so quickly, it made wet spanking noises as she slapped her pussy. Her juices were running down her thighs now. She alternated between finger fucking herself, and madly rubbing her sopping wet clit.

Close to the edge of orgasm, Mandy saw a part of one more picture at the bottom of her screen. Carefully, she leaned over her quivering legs and scrolled it into view.

“Mmmm… I’m cuming again for you Lillypad. Look at the mess I made dreaming of your sexy body!”

There it was. Cum all over his belly, dripping from his cock, soaking into the patch of pubis. Mandy lost it. Falling back onto the bed, she arched her hips into the air, furiously rubbing herself.

‘Oh God Jonathan! Oh God, oh god, oh god….’

“MMmmmmm….. “ Another deep moan emanated from within as her climax washed over her. She bucked her hips in time with the waves of pleasure, her hand now clamped down on her pulsating sex.

As the waves subsided, her legs gave out and she collapsed fully onto the bed, absentmindedly kicking the laptop with the heel of her right foot.

“I hope you loved these pictures. I definitely enjoyed making them for you. I can’t wait for you to show me how they made you feel…”

‘Oh Jonathan… If you only knew...’ A small pang of guilt bullied its way into her mind as the euphoria of her orgasm slowly faded…

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