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WARNING: This story involves the taboo topic of incestual sex. If you are offended by such things, please turn away now.

What follows is a “true” story as relayed to me by Cassandra in numerous email exchanges. Her original description of events is presented below with minor edits for readability. Afterwards, there is a QA style exchange between Cassandra and I clarifying additional details about what happened.

The events took place in the early 2000’s. The memes are inspired by the story, but based on more recent pictures that Cassandra provided. I have no proof to any of these claims beyond the details Cassandra has given me. Do I believe her? Yes I do...


How many people were there for the blowjob? What happened immediately after that?
I believe there were 10 that night, I may be off by 1 or 2 but I'm pretty sure it was 10. Right after I went in my room, locked the door and hid for a little while lol. I was embarrassed. Then my sister and one of our friends started knocking on the door and teasing me about it. But the more I thought about what happened, and the fact I was sitting there naked with his cum all over me, it really turned me on. So I went and showered to clean up and “relieve” myself, if you know what I mean...


That's quite an audience. I wonder how they stayed quiet...
Well I don't really hear a lot when I'm giving a "good" blow job lol. I'm not 100% sure how quiet they were since I was concentrating, but the cheering/laughing at the end was hard not to miss.


Did you go back to the party that night or hide or until it was over? Was there a weird mood at the subsequent party?
I went back after maybe an hour or two. No it really wasn't weird or awkward. Everyone was supportive of it, or it turned them on, so there was nothing weird about it. Other than people wanting us to do more, which we eventually did on our own.


So basically, "That was so hot! I want to see you two fuck!"
Yeah pretty much!


It sounds like a lot happened leading up to the blowjob. Was there sex already going on in the house?
Things were already happening before the blow job. Well not with me and him, but in general. Once we got comfortable enough being naked around everyone, it didn't take long for people to start fooling around and having sex. By the time we played the sex roulette/blindfold game where the blow job happened, a lot of sex had gone on at the parties to that point already.


Did you get intimate with other boys before your son? What all did you do and how much of it did he witness and know about? Also, did your son get intimate with other women there before you? Did you see any of it?
We were both with other people before that night. Quite a bit of it was in front of each other, or at least in view of each other, along with some in private. It was maybe a week after the nakedness started that sexual activities started. So for a few weeks we were hooking up with other people before our night.



So you were having sex with other boys and he was having sex with other moms before the blowjob? And you sometimes did it out in the open where the other one could see?
Yes we did. I watched him a lot, he was pretty in demand!


Did watching your son have sex with another woman turn you on? Did you think about yourself being in her place?
It did turn me on honestly. I didn't think it would, but once I started teasing them, and noticed he was enjoying it, I developed a little bit of a crush. Even more so when they started swimming around naked too, like I said he was a little more "developed" than some of the other boys.


Was it usually sex or more often making out with a bit of oral & hand play?
Initially it was mostly just making out, touching and fooling around, then going somewhere semi private for actual sex. But once sex was common it was in the open for everyone to see. Which once that started I did look a little more often when he was playing with someone.


Did you catch your son watching you while you were with another boy? Did he notice you watching him while he was fucking another mom? Did the attention seem casual or more fixated?
He did watch, usually it was quick glances that I noticed, but later he told me he always tried to watch me and enjoyed watching me with other people.



Did you like watching him? Did he seem manly? Good at sex?
I did like watching him, he was one of 3-4 boy that really knew what to do sexually, so when one of those guys were around, they were the most arousing to watch since they didn't need instructions, and they could keep up or outlast the women. He was very manly, quite a bit bigger than most of the other guys, a lot more mature, stronger. He was one of a couple who could pick up a woman easily man-handle her.


Did you imagine it was you he was with instead of some other girl? Did you ever masturbate while watching him or masturbate privately after watching him?
A couple of times I remember thinking about being with him while he was with another woman. I remember one night specifically, he was in the pool with a very very small woman, she was tiny, maybe 5' tall and might have weighed 100 lbs. I was in my bedroom with one of the other boys, I remember looking out of the windows and watching those two go at it. They were in the shallow end which didn't go up to his waist, when I started watching them he had her bent over one of the steps, very aggressively, and intensely fucking her from behind. From the looks on her face you could tell she was really enjoying it! Then I saw him pick her up , sit her on the edge of the pool and put her feet on his shoulders. He picked her up by her ass and was swinging her back and forth really hard onto his cock. I was definitely thinking about him then since I had never seen that much less experienced it, but I knew I really wanted it. The guy I was with finished quite a while before they did, so I made him kneel on the floor and lick me so I could sit on the edge of the bed and keep watching. He wasn't very good at it. Luckily the show I was getting made it seem a whole lot better!


What happened afterwards between you and your son? Did things progress beyond blow jobs?
I did go beyond blowjobs with him. We talked about it a few days after it happened. That's when he told me he knew it was me, and I knew my friend and sister set us up. He didn't know it was going to be me, he just knew it once once we started since well there were only 2 women around that had really big boobs, the other was barely 5' tall so he knew who it was.

But when I asked why he kept going and didn't stop or say anything, he told me he actually had a crush on me. Kind of along the lines of when they were spying on me, he had seen me naked so many times now and had seen me with his friends and got jealous and wanted to know what it was like for himself. Which honestly I felt the same way about him, he was very attractive, and more developed than a lot of the others.


You like tall strong athletic types? What sports did your son play?
When he was 18 he was already 6'3'' and a solid 240 lbs (now he's 6'5). He was very athletic and well built so that helped. He definitely looked like a man. He is a big boy, he's heavier now.
It was mostly baseball. My son was a very good pitcher, and first-baseman. He played football too. Both him and the youngest played defensive end and tight end.


It seemed like both you and your son were both primed for what eventually happened. You had both watched each other have sex. You even got off once while watching your boy fuck. Did he admit later to masturbating after having watched you?
He didn't say he masturbated after watching me, he did say it turned him on when I was teasing everyone and started swimming naked around him. And that he would think about me while having sex, but didn't mention masturbating.


So what happened after the first blow job leading up to the first time you had sex?
After the blowjob we talked about it the next day. That's when I found out he knew it was me after feeling me up. However nothing happened then. We just kind of agreed to leave it for what it was and admitted that we both enjoyed it. The first time we actually had sex was kind of a set up too, but not quite as theatrical. It was me, him, a girlfriend of mine, and another of my son’s friends hanging out in the pool naked. After a while my girlfriend and the other boy left and went inside to 'play'. So we were both naked and horny, and secretly both wanted each other, so it didn't really take long before pool wrestling turned into fucking.

So it did go beyond blowjobs. We started having sex with each other and doing all sorts of things together (like showering, taking baths, going on romantic getaways). However for a long time we only did things in private or when we thought we were alone. Once we got caught a few times we stopped hiding it from the people we hung out with and weren't shy about doing things together in front of people anymore. I really think it made our relationship stronger, not just because of sex, but we just built a very very strong connection over the years that gets stronger and stronger.


How did wrestling turn into fucking? I'm sure it wasn't an accident…
Well we were wrestling around, mostly him throwing me around while I was trying to tickle him since I wasn't strong enough to do anything else. But he was tickling my sides at one point, during my squirming, I ended up with my back to him, out of nowhere he started kissing my neck and ears (my weak spots), and rubbing my tits, well that pretty much instantly made me horny, so I reached back and started stroking him and rubbing his balls. Then he turned me around, lifted me up a little and lowered me down on to him. He held me around my knees, and I basically rode him in the middle of the pool. He didn't really man-handle me that night, but he has a few times since. We were pretty aggressive sexually.


Did you ever have sex out in the open where others could watch you?
We did start doing things in front of people. The other 2 people that were there the first time we fucked, told everyone about it, so it really wasn't a secret anymore, so we didn't hide it.


Did other people make a big deal about it when you and your son were going at it or just treat it like normal?
They somewhat made a big deal out of it, but in a fun way. They would cheer us on and whistle and stuff like that. It was more supportive cheering than anything. A couple of times someone would walk by and slap my ass, or jiggle my tits and comment about us then leave.

The first time we had sex in front of the group, another mom and son played too, but they had already been together in private before, they just didn't tell anyone until they noticed no one cared.


What are some examples of freaky/kinky things you did or saw done once "we got going"?
Well we would fool around at family/social get togethers, he was the first to lick my ass (first time was accidental but amazing), we would sneak around and "shower" together, we pretended to be a couple many times when we were out of town or traveling, once he was 21 we pretended to be friends and would help each other hook up at bars or clubs, and a lot of man-handling me/throwing me around.


How is your relationship with your son and your sister now?
Our relationship is great. Honestly better than it ever was. My son basically turned into my best friend. We act more like extremely close friends than mother/son. He actually covers for me if I go outside of my marriage. And we still have "parties" they're just at his/his wife's house now. I'm still very close to my sister and friends. My sister is crazier than she used to be but I still love her.



Cool. I'm glad you're willing to share all this with me.
No problem. Thanks for letting me tell you! Very, very few people know about most of those things. Usually bringing up the family stuff scares people away so I'm pretty hesitant to share that with people. But it does turn me on quite a bit to be able to talk about it without being judged. I think in some situations that taboo could be bad if it's not mutual or one party is too young to understand. But mine was all very mutual and everyone was plenty old enough to know if/what they wanted and what they were doing. Plus it really did make all of us closer.

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