God Damnit Cheryl!

God damnit Cheryl! You've always been obnoxious. I know our parents have been friends forever, but frankly I was glad when your family moved away. No more of my shit randomly going missing. No more taking the blame for your antics. As the older one I was supposed to set a good example and put up with your nonsense. You were a brat then and you're still a brat now. And good grief you've always known just how to push my buttons!

Imagine my joy when I found out you're all back in town for the holidays just as I'm home from University. You've gone alt with your pink hair which I'll admit is kind of hot. I certainly can't ignore the tits and ass you've miraculously developed in the intervening years. Of course, the same old snark was there too so I was able to look past my hormones and go right back to disliking you.

I get back while our parents are out shopping and this is how I find you? I know my Mom said to make yourself at home, but I don't think she meant sleeping half-naked in my bed!

So I decided I was going to teach you a lesson about respecting other people's privacy. I figured you'd wake up as soon as I put my cold hands on your butt but you didn't budge.  You stayed motionless as I went from grabbing it, to rubbing it, to fingering your wet pussy.

I was starting to get concerned you might actually be completely passed out, but then you started moaning and writhing on my fingers. That told me I was giving you exactly what you wanted. You only 'woke up' after cumming all over my fingers. By then, we didn't need the pretense anymore so I said nothing when you pulled down my pants and started jerking me. We stayed in bed all day.

Maybe you're not so bad after all. I guess it would be alright if you visited more often...

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