Mom: A Sudsy Dilemma


“Mom, I know you said it was okay to stay and talk because you’re taking a bubble bath, but…” Steve hesitated a bit, clearly distracted by the lovely vision before him. “I can kinda see everything….”

Candace emitted a knowing, self-satisfied grin. She was well aware of what parts of her body were and were not visible and she was quite enjoying teasing her stepson. She was also well aware of the growing bulge in his pants. Her sudsy frolicking was having the desired effect on him. 

Candace lifted her legs straight into the air, soapy foam streaming down them. She ran her hands slowly down the backs of her thighs.

“Yet you’re still here watching me…”

As her hands rounded her supple buttocks, Candace gripped her hips and dug her elbows in, lifting her freshly shorn sex just above the water line.

“Why is that?” she asked, wiggling her tush before letting it settle back down into the water. She knew the answer of course, but she loved seeing Steven squirm…


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