Mom’s Sex-Ed Homework


“Oh come on Jackie!”, Tim stuttered, aghast at the scene before him. “You’re not serious, are you?”
‘Jackie’, as he liked to call her when feeling particularly obstinate, was sitting on his bed half-naked pulling her jeans off. He knew she hated it when he called her that. After all, she’d been married to his father for ten years now. She’d been his ‘mother’ since the third grade.

After his real mother had bombed out of rehab and effectively abandoned them, it was easy to see why his father was attracted to Jaclyn. She was smart, confident, bull-headed, fiercely loyal, and didn’t take shit from anyone. She was also a notorious touchy flirt and in full command of her buxom charms.

As Jaclyn fidgeted with pulling her pant legs over her feet, she looked at Tim rather sternly. “First of all, you know your Dad wants you to call me Mom. Secondly… Yes, I’m dead serious mister! You didn’t think you could skip out on sex-ed and get away with it, did you? Now strip and get up here so ‘Mom’ can show you what you need to know.”

Tim had learned not to be surprised how far Jaclyn would take things once she got ahold of an idea, but this was a whole new level. Sure he’d skipped out on Senior Sex-Ed, but it was just some bullshit about family planning and sexually transmitted diseases. He’d learned the birds-and-the-bees shit all the way back in the sixth grade. He was pretty sure ‘Mom’ knew that too, but that knowledge had obviously not dissuaded her from her current course of action.

He could probably run away and she’d be mad at him, but she’d get over it and they’d both forget it and move on. However, Tim was transfixed. He’d spent a good amount of his formulative years fantasizing about his big sexy mom; sneaking peeks of her while she was undressing, going through her panty drawers, listening to her and Dad go at it (loudly) at night, staring down that ample cleavage whenever she bent over…

And now his opportunity had come, and much like everything to do with Jaclyn, it had come in a completely unexpected fashion. He watched her kick her jeans to the floor, well-aware of the bulge quickly forming in his jeans. He stared, mouth agape as she reached back and undid her 38-EE bra; summarily dismissing it to the floor as her bountiful melons sprung free.

“Well?” she asked with a smirk, “Are you just going to stand there?”

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