Revealing Lilly

Story By: B.C. Kingston
Artwork by: B.C. Kingston

Part 2

“Oh my God, she’s online!” he thought. “Do I message her? Would that seem to eager?” Jonathan was so flummoxed the moment he’d been eagerly anticipating had arrived and now he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Lilly resolved that issue quickly.

LillyPad4_69: Hey there my sexy, sexy man! Howarya?

Jonathan hesitated only a moment and then hastily typed out a reply.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Hey toots! I’m glad you could pull yourself away from studying for little ole me.
LillyPad4_69: Ha! As if. You have no idea how badly I’ve been wanting to get away from that crap and back into your lovely, lovely e-arms! 😉JonnyBoy_ACI: LOL @ e-arms. You can climb into my REAL arms any time you want.LillyPad4_69: That would be nice. I could really use a good hug right now.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh? What’s wrong? Anything I can help with?

LillyPad4_69: Eh… it’s just finals. They can really drag a girl down and make her feel stupid, you know? I think the worst of it passed now. Smooth sailing from here on out!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Lilly… you’re far from stupid. I think you’re one of the smartest, funniest, and most awesome girls I’ve ever met.

LillyPad4_69: Heh. This from the guy who doesn’t know any girls… 😛

JonnyBoy_ACI: Hey! ...I resemble that remark… 🙁

LillyPad4_69: Just kidding sweetie. You know I think you’re the bestest.

LillyPad4_69: And a hot cock too. God damn!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh, so you DID get my email, eh?

LillyPad4_69: Damn straight I did. You my friend are a wait for it…

LillyPad4_69: A stud! S - T - U - D! A Grade-A Soopah-sexay STUD!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Awww… he he he

JonnyBoy_ACI:<-- [blushing]

LillyPad4_69: No I mean it. I was blown away! I was hoping for a couple sexy pictures, but you went above and beyond my friend…

LillyPad4_69: I mean I didn’t get past the second picture before I had my hand in my panties. Your cock looks soooo… delish! I came right away.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yeah baby! Just the reaction I was hoping for!

LillyPad4_69: How could I not? Not only does your wang look magnificent, but you put a narrative to it, and best of all, did it just for me!

LillyPad4_69: I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by a guy before. I mean, in person is different. There’s always the edge of reality taking the spark out of things, but this is pure and I can savor it FOREVER! Good job Jonny! [standing ovation]

JonnyBoy_ACI: That’s such a relief! I was a bit worried with it being so… graphic and perverted and whatnot.

LillyPad4_69: WHATEVER! Perverted is my middle name. You know that.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Well actually, no. I never knew your middle name before.

LillyPad4_69: Oh? Well now you do. Lilly Perverted Pad. Oh wait…

JonnyBoy_ACI: LOL

JonnyBoy_ACI: So… did you masturbate to my pictures?

LillyPad4_69: Twice. (so far)

LillyPad4_69: I noticed the email right away when you sent it, but made myself hold off on reading it, because you know… fucking finals.

LillyPad4_69: I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to retain exam information when I’ve got cock on the brain.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Uh… something similar I imagine, but not cock-related.

LillyPad4_69: Haha. Pussy related perhaps?

JonnyBoy_ACI: He he he… perhaps

LillyPad4_69: ANYWAY, so yeah I held off… until last night. Then I poured myself a nice glass of wine (stolen from my parents), stripped down to my undies, put a towel on my chair, and sat down to read your email.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sounds serious…

LillyPad4_69: As a heart attack!

LillyPad4_69: And I fucking loved it! I scrolled slowly to savor each picture. They made me so wet. I was two fingers deep by the time I saw your cock head peeking out of your undies!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Mmmm… I would love to have seen that.

LillyPad4_69: Oh it stank like hot sex mister! The towel was DEFINITELY a good idea.

LillyPad4_69: When I saw your cum everywhere, I totally lost it. I made a pretty good mess myself. All over my hands. All over the towel. Running down my legs.

LillyPad4_69: When I came to, I felt a small trickle dripping off my arched heal. Not sure if that was sweat or sex juice, but yeah I was wet all over.

JonnyBoy_ACI: God that’s so hot!

LillyPad4_69: You’re telling me! Thank you soverymuch for such a lovely treat. I frigged myself to it again this afternoon. Couldn’t help it…

JonnyBoy_ACI: You’re welcome. I’m so glad you liked it.

LillyPad4_69: Mmm hmmm… Hell, just thinking about it is making me pretty wet again.

JonnyBoy_ACI: That’s awesome. The idea of you masturbating to my pictures has definitely got me “standing at attention” too.

LillyPad4_69: Oh yeah? Are you stroking that magnificent cock of yours Jonny Boy?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Maybe… Are you touching that sweet juicy pussy of yours?

LillyPad4_69: Of course. But just a little rub on the outside of my panties for now…

JonnyBoy_ACI: God I would love to see that…

LillyPad4_69: Well you’re in luck tonight my friend! A promise is a promise.

JonnyBoy_ACI: No shit? For real?

LillyPad4_69: Well… still no webcam, but I do have a treat for you as promised.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I can’t wait…

LillyPad4_69: I had a little trouble getting the camera to sit at the right angle. Lots of awkward non-sexy mishaps, but I figured it out. I don’t have the sexy narrative yet, so if you wanted to wait…

JonnyBoy_ACI: No no no no no! Please please share them now!

LillyPad4_69: LOL, ok. But first… you have to promise, Promise, PROMISE me that you will NEVER share any of these photos with ANYONE! I’m sure you’ve figured out by now I have trust issues, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my privacy. I trust you Jonathan… I just need to know you understand how important this is to me.

LillyPad4_69: Jonathan?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Lilly, you are very special to me. I think I will owe you a debt of gratitude I could never repay in what you’ve given me in self confidence and belief in my own attractiveness. I could never betray your trust. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose THIS, ever…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sorry if I sound a little too infatuated…

LillyPad4_69: Oh sorry, no. I was having an “awww” moment. [sniff]. You’re so sweet!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Ok, just checking. I really like you my Lilly (Perverted) Pad.

LillyPad4_69: I really like you too Jonny, and our time together.

LillyPad4_69: [I say that as I’m rubbing my pussy and looking at your cock pics again…] LOL

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sexy…

JonnyBoy_ACI: ...And you were about to give me some pictures to look at?

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… yes. My magic cock man.

LillyPad4_69: First, let me set the scene...

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yay! [grabs popcorn]

LillyPad4_69: Silly! X(

LillyPad4_69: Ok, so anyway… Ahem:

LillyPad4_69: [Scene] I meet this really awesome guy. He’s smart, funny, thoughtful, caring, geeky, and a bit shy. But by the power of my feminine wiles, I have seduced him into falling into total infatuation with me!

LillyPad4_69: Soo… I bring you to my parent’s house (roll with it) then I bring you into, wait for it… my parent’s bedroom!

JonnyBoy_ACI: No… :O

LillyPad4_69: Shush!

LillyPad4:69: I make you stand in my parent’s bedroom facing the foot of the bed. I crawl onto the bed and then pose seductively for you.
JonnyBoy_ACI: Mmmm… I like your necklace! And your lips!! And your awesome body…

LillyPad4_69: I get up on my knees, put my hand seductively on my hip and puff out my chest for you. Don’t my titties look good in this shirt?
JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh God yes they do…

LillyPad4_69: Then I turn around so you can get a good look at my backside. Would you like it if I pulled up my shirt Jonathan?
JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh please yes please!

LillyPad4_69: I don’t know… Are you sure that’s what you want?

JonnyBoy_ACI: I think I can honestly say I’ve never been more certain of anything else ever in my life…

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… well in that case, feast your eyes on these!
JonnyBoy_ACI: Lilly, you’re gorgeous! Your breasts are so… magnificent! Plump, round, pert… so yummy! I dearly wish I could put one of them in my mouth.

LillyPad4_69: He he he, are you stroking now mister?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh yes, but only a little bit. I don’t want to ruin it before you finish telling your story…

LillyPad4_69: Good idea. I’ve still got a few more… 😉

LillyPad4_69: So... what’s “only a little bit”?

JonnyBoy_ACI: He he. I have it out but not stroking. Just touching it and rubbing the precum around the tip.

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… Sounds yummy. I’d love to help you swirl around that precum… with my tongue.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I’d love that… You playing with yourself too?

LillyPad4_69: Of course. Left hand in my panties rubbing my clit. Right hand posting pictures.

LillyPad4_69: This is soooo… much sexier than when I took the pictures, having you here to enjoy them, having a clear picture of what your magnificent cock looks like in my mind. Rubbing myself… Mmmm…

LillyPad4_69: Anyway, I lay back on the bed, lick my lips, and start undoing the top of my jeans. I’m so turned on by you watching me strip, that I immediately slip a hand into my panties and begin rubbing my clit. You don’t mind if I pleasure myself for you, do you?
JonnyBoy_ACI: Not at all. You look fantastic!

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm… Getting comfy now. I lie back on my parents bed and pull my jeans all the way off. I spread my legs so you can see my pretty purple panties. Do you like what you see?


JonnyBoy_ACI: Indeed. Is that a wet spot I see? Naughty girl...

LillyPad4_69: Maybe…

LillyPad4_69: Knowing that you’re watching me is quite a turn-on. As I sit on the bed, gently petting myself through my panties, I urge you to catch up.

LillyPad4_69: Take out your beautiful penis and show me how turned on you are.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yes ma’am. It’s very hard, and wet. I’m stroking it gently for you, matching the rhythm of your panty rub.

LillyPad4_69: Mmm… having seen it up close, I can honestly say I love every bit of it. I lick my lips in anticipation of it filling me completely.

JonnyBoy_ACI: You’re such a tease. I can’t wait to crawl onto that bed with you and do just that.

LillyPad4_69: Now now… All in good time. I’ve got something else to show you. First, I need to take these wet panties off. I lift my butt of the bed quickly peel them down, closing my legs and turning to the side.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Awww… shy all the sudden?

LillyPad4_69: Hardly. I quickly get back on my knees and turn my back to you, squatting down on the bed.


JonnyBoy_ACI: My what a spectacular ass you’ve got there Lilly. I just want to reach out and touch it.

LillyPad4_69: I’d like that very much. Would you fondle me? Spank me? Finger my hole?

JonnyBoy_ACI: My, you are a naughty girl. You like anal play?

LillyPad4_69: Depends.

JonnyBoy_ACI: On… what?

LillyPad4_69: On whether I’ve “prepared” for anal play, if you get my drift…

LillyPad4_69: And who I’m with. In your case, I’d let you do anything you wanted my dear…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Hmm… I do enjoy anal porn, but it always seemed like a fantasy thing more than something a woman would enjoy in real life.

LillyPad4_69: It’s not for everyone, but I do enjoy it under the right circumstances.

LillyPad4_69: Would you lick my ass if I asked you to?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yes.

LillyPad4_69: Mmm… I’m using one of my wet fingers to rub my pussy juice around my hole right now. Imagining it’s your tongue…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Soooo naughty, my sexy little Lilly Pad. Is that the picture I’m going to see next?

LillyPad4_69: Ha ha! No. I didn’t think of that one. Until now that is…

JonnyBoy_ACI: There’s always next time!

LillyPad4_69: Next time? Hmm… I might have to give you another homework assignment first.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I’m game!

LillyPad4_69: I bet you are… Anyway, back to my parent’s bedroom. After giving you a little show from behind, I lay back down on the bed and spread my legs wide. My pussy is glistening for you. Would you like to come taste it?


JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh yes! You look so delicious! Please let me! I’ll lick it just the way you want me to until you come all over my face!

LillyPad4_69: You’re such a sweet boy Jonny. Come climb on to my parents bed with me and bring that cock of yours with you.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Gladly. Is the show over? Because man that was great! I can’t believe you did this for me - beyond my wildest dreams!

LillyPad4_69: Oh I’m happy to for you honey. Thank you for being so patient with me. I know I’m not the easiest girl to deal with sometimes. You’ve been wonderful.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Putting up with a smart, fun, witty, charming, and sexy vixen like you is hardly a chore. I’ve loved every moment of it.

LillyPad4_69: Me too my sexy man! I have one more photo for you…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Yum yum! You’re full of surprises!

LillyPad4_69: Yes, but first I want you to stroke your cock and cum for me.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Already stroking… won’t be long.

LillyPad4_69: Good. Now get on my parent’s bed and fuck me, loverboy!

JonnyBoy_ACI: After seeing such a sexy striptease, I already have my cock out and am stroking it as I watch you touch yourself on the bed.

JohnnyBoy_ACI: I push my pants the rest of the way down and step out of them. In one swift motion, I pull my shirt off and stand naked before you.

LillyPad4_69: What, no socks?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Sandals. Already kicked them off.

LillyPad4_69: Oooh. Good thinking. You may proceed.

JonnyBoy_ACI: I stand there naked stroking myself slowly. “Is this what you wanted.”

LillyPad4_69: Yes please. Come here.

LillyPad4_69: I lay back on the bed and spread my legs for you. I dip a finger in my sex and then bring it to my lips, sucking on my own juices.

LillyPad4_69: [I am actually doing that by the way… Yum yum!]

JonnyBoy_ACI: God you’re so hot. I waste no time and get onto the bed with you. I crawl between your open legs and dip my head down to smell your heedy sex.

LillyPad4_69: Lick me lover!

JonnyBoy_ACI: By your command. I lower my head and dip my tongue into the base of your sex and slowly lick my way up.

LillyPad4_69: Mmmm…

LillyPad4_69: [PS - I’m going to cum soon…]

JonnyBoy_ACI: A couple licks more and I can tell you are right on the edge. My mouth is already glistening with your juices.

LillyPad4_69: I grab two fistfuls of your hair and pull you up on top of me. Our mouths join in a frantic kiss. My passion has left me gasping for breath as I lick my juices off your lips.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Your hand snakes down and grabs my cock. You need it now. Guiding it towards your sex, I feel the tip of my spear dip into warm wetness.

LillyPad4_69: No more teasing. Fuck me Jonny! Fuck me now!

LillyPad4_69: [so close…]

JonnyBoy_ACI: [I’m stroking so hard right now. Right there with you babe!]

JonnyBoy_ACI: Once I acclimate to the pleasure of my moistened tip, I dip my rod all the way in, thrusting it as far as it can go.

LillyPad4_69: I’m moaning… loudly!

JonnyBoy_ACI: The striptease was too much. I’m already practically bursting. A few quick thrusts, and I can feel my orgasm building.

LillyPad4_69: Come in my pussy baby! Give me your seed!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh God I’m cumming! My cock throbs as it pumps my seed deep into your pussy.

LillyPad4_69: Oh my… Honey, I think I squirted a bit. That’s a first.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Really?

LillyPad4_69: Yeah. It’s all over the carpet. I can feel it with my toes. God that was good!

JonnyBoy_ACI: You should share naughty pictures more often…

LillyPad4_69: Apparently. The visuals of your penis certainly helped too. I think I’m in love with it…

JonnyBoy_ACI: Aww… now you’re making me blush again.

LillyPad4_69: Speaking of your penis, did you cum for me?

JonnyBoy_ACI: Oh yes. All over my laptop again. I’m wiping it down.

LillyPad4_69: Sticky keys!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Indeed.

LillyPad4_69: Well my sexy messy man, I have one more picture for you. After taking all the others, I laid back on the bed and masturbated, thinking of you. Thinking of you putting your hard cock deep inside me. I came pretty hard. Not quite a squirt, but you’ll see...


JonnyBoy_ACI: Good grief. You’re making me hard again. That is SO incredibly sexy.

LillyPad4_69: I thought it might. Saving the best for last and all you know…

JonnyBoy_ACI: I’ll savor that one for many “sessions” to cum!

LillyPad4_69: So long as you keep it a secret, I’ll be happy to know you’re jerking that magnificent rod of yours to my special pictures hon!

JonnyBoy_ACI: Thank you so much, for everything. You’re wonderful.

LillyPad4_69: Now it’s my turn to blush… and go to bed. I shall sleep well tonight.

JonnyBoy_ACI: Alas, all good things… I should probably get to bed as well. Sweet, sexy dreams my lovely Lilly Pad!

LillyPad4_69: And to you as well my sweet prince

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