The Devil In Her – Part 4

Angie felt a mild hum coming through the cool leather pressed up against her face. Her eyes fluttered open to a fuzzy blur of flashing lights. As her mind began to focus, she realized she was leaning against a leather seat looking out a car window.

She moaned and tried to sit up.

"Ah, you're awake," came a slightly muddled, yet familiar voice.

Angie wiped her eyes and looked over her shoulder. She was sitting in a large, well-appointed limo. Next to her sat her devil, still in cape and mask.

As the recent memories of the evening came flooding back, she sat bolt upright in the seat. Frantically, she began inspecting her clothing and searching for her purse. She felt a modest relief when she realized she was still fully in costume, mask and all. Her wandering hand easily settled on the small white purse which sat next to her.

"Where am I? What happened?"

He smiled, scooted over, and placed a tender hand on her nervous thigh. "Nothing to worry about my dear. You passed out."

"Passed out?"

"Fainted, yes. I fear that the evening's festivities may have been a bit much and for that I apologize. When I saw you had lost consciousness, I scooped you up and called for my driver to pull the car around."

Angie couldn't believe it. "I... I fainted?"

"Yes. Everyone was most concerned about you but I assured them you would be alright. And here we are," he reached over to the limo bar and pulled out a glass and decanter of what appeared to be bourbon. "Can I offer you a drink?"

Angie shook her head, still a bit groggy. "No... thanks. Where are we going?"

The stranger calmly poured himself a glass and set the decanter back. "Are you sure? I have bottled water here as well."

Angie shook her head slightly and repeated herself, "No thanks. Where are we going?"

He smiled and handed her a bottle of water anyway. "Well take one just in case. The water will help if you're feeling light headed."

Relenting a bit, Angie snatched the bottle from his hands. Unperturbed, he continued, "As for where we are, we're currently going for a scenic drive. I didn't know where to bring you, so I thought it best to wait until you woke up."

Angie relaxed a little when she realized that he didn't appear to mean any harm. Perhaps she really had fainted. She couldn't recall fainting before, but then again, she'd never been in a situation like the one she had experienced that evening.

Her mind went back to the moments in the lounge, sitting in that regal chair. She remembered the way they had adored her, touched her, kissed her. She especially remembered the golden muscled man with long curly dark hair. She remembered the way she had bent over for him and then the way he... Goosebumps immediately rose from her skin. An almost imperceptible moan escaped her lips as she squirmed a bit in her seat.

Those lustful thoughts were all that was necessary to rekindle the fire in her loins. It had been boiling beneath the surface, only temporarily abated by the recent turn of events. She felt a rush of warmth spread from between her legs. Her body instantly reminded her how wet and hungry she was.

Angie realized she must still be woozy. How could she wake up in such a strange situation and almost immediately turn her thoughts to sex? Why was her body trembling with desire? Why did her eyes keep settling on the stranger's crotch? Why was her tongue salivating as she pondered if the apparent bulge in his pants was simply an odd fold of the cloth or something more? Why did her hand want to reach out and touch it to make sure?

She shook her head slightly, trying to push away the thoughts that were rapidly consuming her. Instead, she sat up and attempted to compose herself. One look into the stranger's eyes told her that her efforts were futile. He was practically smoldering.

"I should meet back with my friend."

"At the bar where we met?" he asked, sliding closer to her.


"That's probably not a good idea," he said placing his hand on her thigh again. "It's nearly 2 AM and the bars are all closing. The streets will be full of cops and drunkards. You should let me take you home."


"Yes. Home," he replied simply. His hand slowly moved up her thigh and caressed the tightly-pressed flap of her mini-skirt. He leaned in, placing his nose to the side of her neck. She instinctively turned her head to the side to grant him better access. His cologne teased her senses as she felt him take a long, deep breath.

"But, but, I don't live close," she stuttered. She noticed her free hand, as if possessed, sliding up his thigh.

"It's no matter," he said pulling back a bit so that he could face her and melt her eyes with the fire of his own. "I'm happy to do it."

Transfixed, she merely nodded - her hand still groping his side.

He moved his face back to the side of her head and hovered over her ear. "Where do you live?" he whispered, and then kissed his way softly down her neck.

She gasped and settled into a soft moan as she exhaled. Her hand trailed up his back. Her leg crossed over onto his. His hand quickly ran up the backside of her leg and under her skirt. She felt him caress and squeeze her butt and sighed appreciatively.

In a shuddering whisper, she told him her address. Then she felt him pull away from her. He looked at her briefly and gave her a reassuring smile before reaching over to the controls by the door. As she watched the divider between the cab and the driver lower, she moved her leg back down and tried to compose herself once again.

It was only a brief respite. She watched as her devil relayed the address to the driver and then commanded the divider to rise once again. A moment later, his hands were caressing her again. As he ran his hand down her right leg and massaged the curve of her butt, he leaned in so that his face was an inch from hers. His eyes were fixed on hers, purposeful and resolved.

His lips moved, and a whisper danced in her ear. “I am going to kiss you now. Would you like that?”

Angie briefly pondered why such a formality was necessary. Her whole body craved his touch and he must know that she was helpless to resist him. Perhaps he was really asking for much more than a kiss.

It didn’t matter what he wanted. She was his.

“Yes,” she whispered, opening her mouth slightly to offer her lips to him. “Please, yes.”

For the second time that evening, she felt his lips slide into perfect unison with hers. Unlike the first time, he did not settle for a simple touching of lips. Their initial contact was polite for only a moment before his lips turned and parted bringing hers willingly open as well.

A muffled moan escaped from Angie's lips as she felt his tongue snake out and dance with hers. Something about the taste of him seemed to satiate a burning need that she hadn't even been aware of before tonight.

Giving herself over to him, Angie slid down onto the leather seat eagerly allowing him to overpower her. Lips locked, he loomed over her. His hand continued to run up and down her thigh and over her butt.

They made out for several blissful moments that seemed to stretch into eternity. Then he suddenly broke off their kiss and loomed over her. By now she was nearly panting and took the respite to catch her breath. As she calmed herself, she looked up at him. He was staring directly at her, almost as if he was daring her to get lost in his eyes.

That was a challenge she took on willingly. She set herself to staring into the abyss of his hazel portals trying to divine the source of his power over her. He seemed as determined and confident as ever. As he continued to hold her transfixed in his gaze, his hand forcefully turned her legs out so that they were as open as her mini skirt would allow. Without any further pretense, his hand slid right up her leg. When he reached her panties, a solitary finger began slowly tracing back and forth across her wetness.

She gasped, but did not break his gaze. She feared that he might stop if she did. His finger continued to trace over the wet spot on her mound. She was so wet, that it wasn't long before his finger was tracing the crease of her lips and even pushing a bit of the soiled fabric up inside her.

He spoke to her. His gaze was still locked. His finger still sent waves of pleasure through her as he teased the soiled slippery patch of her panties. "Did you have fun tonight?"

She nodded ever so slightly, biting her lip. "Mmm hmmm."

"Do you like it when I touch you like this?"

"Mmm hmmm," she answered again.

His finger slid up slowly until it was pressing firmly against her clit. He then began to make small circular motions while maintaining slight pressure.

Angie gasped again. If he didn't stop soon, she was going to cum. She had started out the day as a good girl going to a party in support of her friend and now she found herself ravenous for sexual release and at the total mercy of a complete stranger. She knew that a more level-headed version of herself would be completely ashamed, but she didn't care. She wanted him to push her over the edge. She wanted it very badly.

"Do you want to cum for me?"

"Mmm hmmm," came her immediate, desperate reply.

"I can tell. Your pussy is so wet right now. I can feel how close you are."

His finger continued to rub on the same spot. Slow. Deliberate. Torturous.

"I bet you liked the way they worshiped you at the party. Touching every part of your body with such genuine affection."

His finger started moving faster, pressing harder.

"The way they took off your boots and kissed your feet. The way they licked your neck and sucked your earlobe..."


Angie was determined to hold his gaze. She knew that she would never see further into his eyes, but if she came while he was staring into hers... He would know everything. She began to grind her hips against his hand. Whatever he wanted was his, just so long as he didn't stop.

His finger was moving at a fever pace now.

"I especially loved the way you presented your ass to him. The way you let him part your ass cheeks and smell you. The way you let him put his lips on your asshole..."

"Oh god! MMMmmmm...." Angie screamed and squirmed as the orgasm hit her. His finger maintained the same rhythm as it coaxed wave after wave of pleasure out of her throbbing love center. Her grip on his supporting arm became vice-like as she waited for the orgasm to subside.

Moments passed as he continued to stare at her. His finger had gone still and her breathing slowly returned to normal. His eyes seemed just as intense as before, but now there was a hint of affection in them as well. If it weren't for the mask covering his face, Angie could've sworn he was glowing.

Then his hand slowly slid out from underneath her skirt. He then deliberately lifted it up to her face, daring her to inspect it more closely. She knew what would please him and was eager to taste her own juices.

She guided his finger towards her mouth and gently licked it with her tongue before wrapping her lips around it and sucking on it. She lingered only for a moment - tasting the sweet juices of her sex - before she withdrew it again, purring happily.

By that time, she became more aware of her surroundings and realized that the limo had stopped. He pulled away from her and allowed her to sit up in the seat.

"Are we there?" she asked in a nonchalant manner that belied the fact that he had just fingered her to orgasm.

"Yes, I believe we are."

Angie knew what she wanted next and didn't see the sense in being demur about it.

"So, would you like to come in?"

"What for?" he responded with a sly grin.

"So we can finish what we've started."

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